Emily Fletcher: “Why Meditation is the New Caffeine” | Talks at Google

Emily Fletcher, one of the world’s leading experts on meditation, will explain the differences between the two most popular styles of meditation, how they affect the brain differently and the impact of stress on performance. Emily will also lead you through a simple breathing technique and guided visualization that will help balance the right and left sides of the brain.

This talk will cover:
– How the fight or flight reaction can work for you or against you
– Why emotional intelligence is so important for not only personal happiness, but professional success and how anyone can learn it
– How to not let goals get in the way of success

About the Speaker:

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the first online meditation training program. She began her meditation training in Rishikesh, India and was inspired to become a meditation teacher after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers, A Chorus Line and many others.

With her high performance background and eight years of meditation experience, Emily is perfectly suited to teach busy people how to incorporate this simple and effective practice into their lives. Emily has taught meditation to a wide range of individuals and companies including Coca Cola, Relativity Media, Colbeck Capitol, Ogilvy & Mather and in public schools in the Bronx. She is a regular guest on Huffington Post LIVE and has been a speaker on the Dr. Lisa show and with Eckhart Tolle at the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment

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20 thoughts on “Emily Fletcher: “Why Meditation is the New Caffeine” | Talks at Google

  1. GuaMaotama Buddha: First of all for those who believe she's doing this for the money Nope she already owns most of the people she lecturing if your in one of those companies then chances are you are already a part of the group and just needs to see if you got what it takes to take the partnership to a whole new open level, that's why she can laugh like that not only does it attracts attention for good or bad but keeps you engage which ultimately even if you find it annoying its a plus cause she got your attention she's in for this similar to what you liken as investors but only the community part. However she lacks the foundation on what real meditation really is, that's right folks the real power of the institution of the prime religions, First stuff is for high level meditation on the real scale No art involve 1.) very rare masters of breathing 2.) gifted physical yoga kung fu masters. Both of which are not relevant for normal people however the second aspect of meditation is Communal Social Education Nobody is immune to the institution of meditation because it is in this far superior than our bullshit system of Western Education where truly dumb people gets status which they do not deserve. Meditation is where master from all walks of the society the elders and builders if you will scrutinize individuals base on what skill level and position in society, Ancient Indian caste System before the White Man particularly the British scum came in is very meritorious, and even then the system despite being breed with white scum produced hybrids that are of high caliber and possibly even became integral if not overpowered the European Elite. The British language seem to have an Indian Slang to it. When you put everyone in a temple ground everybody conforms this is where the elders scrutinized individuals according to ability with two steps a.) Mantra and b.) body or scroll painting which was interpreted by its Buddhist neighbors as Calligraphy. Now I don't have to explain Mantra is aside from that it entails intelligence and leadership ability. Body or scroll painting translate to craftsmanship and when the two is combined it creates Engineering Prowess. That's right Chinese Communist Party reduce and limit the media sectors power of purse they need to stick to their people when it comes to mobile payment and not the rest of the population otherwise the 20,000 a year patent applications all over China instead of growing and later upgraded in quality with the mobile payment no one will bother innovating and applications will dwindle, In our next topic Warlords of China: The Foundations of Modern China! I still think you should stop laughing like that I laugh the way I do cause I have too, I can't breath deep enough while talking so I need to laugh still I don't have to put my nose to stop my breathing this is particularly long and can last for hours when done unconsciously sometimes when walk up it takes a couple of minutes for me to stop breathing thru one side of my nose. In our final topic why we age i can answer that with one sentence and a little bit of explanation but not much not my job basically meditation is simulating DREAMING MY DEAR!

  2. "Rebranding meditation as a productivity tool." [vomits]
    What else would you expect from Google, a company that is eating your privacy, your ability to be alone, your ability to live for the sake of living, a company that tries, at its most fundamental level, to make money from everything and everyone without regard to the consequences for society, humans, or the physical world? I meditate and it's a wonderful thing to do, if you're willing to follow it where it leads you without an agenda. If you are trying be a more "efficient" "happier" cog in the corporate machine that is trashing the very possibility of life on earth, the very possibility of human meaning, then you can meditate all you want but you are still whoring yourself out to a destructive agenda, betraying the essence of humanity.

  3. *** "…one of the world's leading experts on meditation". You are kidding, right? There are no leaders of meditation – stop trying to trick people into thinking they need a guru for meditation. If one meditates, they are their own leader.

    Stop believing you need a meditation guru – everyone can do it. Some people just want your money by making you think you need them.

    HERE is a time saver: To meditate – sit still in a comfortable position with your eyes closed for a long time (in a place with zero interruptions) and just breathe – eventually your mind will let go of control and meditation will just happen – you can't 'control' it. Then the magic happens – enjoy 🙂

  4. I would argue that meditation makes you more effective than productive. The point of meditation is recognizing that the only true achievement of it is being fully engaged with, grateful for and attuned with the present moment rather than an endless stream of thoughts. Making an egoic goal out of it (trying to be more productive) defeats the real purpose of meditation. Let that be the byproduct rather than the goal. Nonetheless, I appreciate her enthusiasm on this topic.

  5. I meditate a couple of years and in this time i integrated different "teachings" .
    One that i believe is that you has to learn about you,ego reactions mostly,and discriminate what is holding you back and what not,one need to be taught about it.
    I like the way she is,very positive and i wish her success with her Meditation Training.

  6. The idea that assuming a giving stance on life will eventuate well-being does not account for the complex dynamic of our surrounding atmosphere and overall environment. As Gladwell explains in Outliers, there is a lot of luck and chance involved in success. Surrendering to the now might be the best way forward for some, but if one is thrown into a position of structural disenfranchisement – making minimum wage and saddled with debts – there is only so much you can give before burning out.

  7. Ok all people complaining because she's selling mediation just like millions do, if you want free fine here go on a free ten day meditation retreat! Seriously it's free, it's also free of computers, phones, talking, and everything else! The people who work there also do it for free, which after you pass the ten days you can go back and do yourself. They only ask YOU be REAL with YOURSELF! If you can NOT go ten days without talking, without your cell phone don't bother going and disrupting everyone else! Vipassana meditation dhamma.org good luck!

  8. Youtube critters can criticize her all they want, but she's right. And when you're right, then you've won. Great job thanks for the talk. My life has been compromised by caffeine. It was just as productive, even more so before getting addicted to it.

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