Emboditate Meditation System

THE EMBODITATE® MEDITATION SYSTEM is an approach to meditation that connects us to our deepest instincts for thriving. It is more natural and intuitive than traditional monastic or mindfulness meditation practices, (that most of our culture orients around) and it is simple, fun and easy to learn – even for people who think they are “too ADHD, unfocused or bad at meditating.”

EMBODITATE meditation students experience being freed instantly from restrictive patterns of thought, emotion and ways of being, that are held in the body and that hinder or block authentic expression, clarity, vitality, creativity, strength of focus and ability “to flow.”

Emboditate is a gentle, yet highly effective tool for de-stressing or processing trauma, while simultaneously building — the essential mental, emotional and sensorial acuity needed for accomplishing more of what you are going for in life.

Fundamental to the Emboditate methodology is inclusion of both one’s Spiritual Source and the innate wisdom of the highly sophisticated human biological and neuro processes — making it easier than ever before to break through the misbeliefs behind most human suffering, while developing a highly functional rapport between Source and our thinking, feeling and instinctual intelligence – all key to living joyful, purposeful and prosperous lives, according to the latest neuro-scientific research.

Emboditate practices strengthen both inner and outer alignment between where you are and your mission or ideal life vision. It is practical meditation for modern life and the super high performance approach you have been looking for to transport you into the future and life purpose that you are meant to live and thrive in.

THE EMBODITATE® MEDITATION SYSTEM will give you the ability to access and powerfully express, in your own authentic way the qualities of confidence, poise, grace, presence, strength of character and high level relating skills needed to be an influencer, a leader and powerful difference maker in today’s world.


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