Effective Speaking Subliminal Will Give You Confidence Instill Clarity When Speaking To A Group Etc. Included In The Audio Is 5th Chakra Sound Bowl Also Known As The Throat Chakra. Headphones Not Required, Just Listen, Daily Use Is Required For At Least 21 Days Or More. Effective Speaking Subliminal May Serve As A Catalyst For Singers Seminar Speakers Etc.

Commands Used –

The Words I Speak Empower Other People’s Lives

My Ability To Communicate Effectively Improves Daily

I Always Know The Right Thing To Say In Every Situation

I Am Clear And Concise In My Communications

I Am Comfortable Speaking To Others

I Am A Great Communicator

I Am An Excellent Speaker

I am Completely At Ease Speaking To A Large Audience

I Am Completely In Control Of The Words I Speak

I Am Totally Relaxed And Confident When Speaking To A Group

I Articulate My Thoughts And Feelings Very Well

My Words Flow Naturally And Effortlessly

I Express Myself With Ease

I Give Excellent Presentations

I Have A Rich Vocabulary

I Know Just What To Say In Every Situation

I Listen Intently When People Are Speaking To Me

I Make Eye Contact With People Easily

I Speak With Clarity



  1. this video helped me soooo much!! words can't explain how grateful I am even though I'm great with words 😉

    I really want to know what you meant by your battle with evil goes back thousands of years? its left me quite baffled. Please DrVirtual7

    Thank you very much

  2. That commercial: that doesn't happen in America. You work 12 hours a day for sh*t pay and have nothing to show for it. Australia pays their workers $16/ hour. America "the land of supposed wealth" pays them $8 and less. If I had enough money saved I'd move to Australia bc America's no longer "great" and will be even LESS great being run by a dipsh*t billionaire. They could've at least chosen Warren Buffet to do it. He hasn't filed for bankruptcy 4 damn times.

  3. I feel tension in my throat. Its a suttle feeling of when your trying to hold back tears. Whats going on?. Other than that, very nice and relaxing video.

  4. When I get near to achieving my life path, with your permission, of course. I am going to be giving you a big shout out, on a show, in a book, or in another format  Your doing something for the world, and it means a lot!  It may take a bit, but it will happen. Your videos are by far the best on youtube for subliminal. 

  5. DrVirtual7: I have enjoyed the "Effective Speaking Subliminal", thankyou.
    I really appreciate that you take the time ti list what the subliminal messages are. I Think this is an excellent way to help people,as well as show how sincere your efforts are. Thanks again

  6. Thanks Dr. Virtual for sharing your gifts to the world …….this video has done amazing things to me that i cant explain …one thing my confidence is thru the roof and now i say what i mean and mean what i say…without confusion ,its so amazing how different one can be with a balanced throat chakra, you feel so free …….thanks Love & Peace Lydia 

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