Short documentary film about the current use of ECT in Psychiatry.
Features real healthcare staff and a simulated patient (actor).
Made with the support of St George’s, University of London & South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust.
Wed, Oct 12, 2011


24 thoughts on “ECT

  1. this treatment work wonders on my wife, with ECT she is almost her own self, without it she is another person on her way to lala land. The electricity used is the same as in a flashlight, and apart from at little headache there are no side effects

  2. If your a christian and need help with mental disorders, find a good free deliverance & healing minister. The reason why mental illness is a mystery. why they cant find no cause or cure is because is not an organic issue, its a spiritual issue. Lying spirits in the mind, tormenting. The cure is free, but will require a change of lifestyle and submit to the will of God. Jesus is the cure, Ive seen it many times.

  3. I have been depressed all of my life and I have 2 personalities that hate each other. I am in constant pain. I am 24 and at this point I'm ready to try anything to get better.

  4. ECT does NOT WORK!!!!!

    ECT hurts and kills patients every year!

    including my autistic daughter who had to be hospitalized (yes, the psychiatric hospital was hours away from the real hospital) for brain and organ damage

    ECT does NOT WORK, and anyone who thinks it works is a complete dumbass!

  5. To anyone scrolling through the comments (just as I did) reading all the comments about how crazy it looks and worrying (just as I worried) about if its worth pursuing, just know this: The the majority of people commenting are doing so from the outside looking in. They have no knowledge of what it feels like to dread every second of every day. They have no knowledge of the hopelessness you feel after trying medication after medication, to no effect. They have no knowledge of what if feels like to have all those years of sadness and pain, gently erased within 3 short weeks. ECT isn't for everybody, and certainly does not work for everybody. It worked for me.

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