Earth signs November 2019, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

Greetings! My name is Avitazorrah.
Most of my long and colorful life was been spent as a singer songwriter, locally, around the valley where I was raised. As a songwriter, opening up your soul to as many people as possible was the point of it. Sharing the human experience. Bringing forth emotion in others in response to your lyrics and melodies, the story of another painful time when love escaped or enthralled, is a connection that transcends other experiences. I was quite well known for my voice.
I raised 6 great kids and somehow managed to stay in the music circle.

A few years back I needed a throat surgery which ended up harming my voice. Honestly, I didn’t take it well. It was my identity. It had kept me going through the vicissitudes of life..After surgery and then a gnarly bad relationship I became The Hermit. I gave my self an indefinite “time out”. I couldn’t stand the people asking me where I was singing now. Did I have a new cd out? I went into a self imposed time out that has lasted over two years, spending time in spiritual growth and meditation. I feel content for the first time in all these long, long years. It has been a long, hard road to climb, but healing has come. Well, maybe not 100% healed, but I am only in this human experience trying to get along like everyone.

So, also, my entire life has been one psychic experience after the next. I began reading cards as an outlet for my gifts. On and off, besides raising kids and playing music I had a thriving psychic readings and tarot business going. Then that gnarly relationship happened and I ended up handing over my power out of misguided compassion. Seriously.

Now is now. Spirit guided me to (I couldn’t believe it at first) to YouTube! In my long isolation and growth, spirit knew I longed to share my gift. This is the direction I was called. I go forth with only helping others in mind. Well, am not entirely altruistic as this also helps me. Helps my soul to connect with a loving and warm community. However, my desire is to give you a glimpse, a heads up, an idea of what’s going on and if I succeed, then I am forever rewarded.
Blessed Be

Musical intro:
music and lyrics: Avitazorrah
Vocals: Avitazorrah, April Grossruck
Filming and editing: April Grossruck, Avitazorrah
Title page art by Avitazorrah


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