E.T. Contact: They Are Here

Caroline Cory documents the jaw-dropping accounts of extraterrestrial encounters and provides ground-breaking scientific evidence of these other-worldly interactions and the influence of non-physical beings on our DNA.


3 thoughts on “E.T. Contact: They Are Here

  1. Fantastic documentary — takes a LOT of different concepts, from many places, and puts them together in a new and surprisingly scientific way. Really covered a lot more aspects than I expected, and while the depth of each topic could be expanded upon, the web of interconnected concepts really shows through in this one. It's a ton of information from different. From telepathy, to ET's, to teleportation, this one goes deep!! Definitely worth the $4!

  2. This clear and insightful film gave answers to the many important questions regarding my current Earth experience. I enjoyed the movie’s primary focus; "What are the possibilities of life, beyond our current worldview"?

    As each topic unfolded, an expanded set of perspectives was introduced and then developed into probabilities. This documentary worked on a number of thought-provoking levels at once and offered inspiration of a future that holds exciting promise. I liked the positivity of the content.

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