Dzogchen Meditation Community Learning Center Lesson 4: Exploring Spiritual Experience

In many spiritual traditions, one have many different occurences that are unexplainable to the materialistic mind and that it became very bizzare in other moments. However, upon looking at these things altogether, are they beyond the explanation of the materialistic world such as the occurance of people flying and people began doing extraordinary things that only modern science like parapsychology can barely understand. Are they within the understanding of science or is there something far greater about the universe that is needed to be addressed? In this classroom setting (after learning about how the mind works through existentialism to other forms of therapy and disciplinary subjects), one will seek to know:
1) How the occurance that is beyond the explanation of material science came into existence?
2) How does it make sense about the reality of the world we are living in?
3) How does one get to experience these realities through different means?
4) and many other things that can foster discussions and learning about through the holy scriptures.

“Soon, everyone is going to die and that death is inevitable. May my compassion for all beings be as boundless as the endless sea so that I can help them move to the shore of nirvana.” -Tibetan Book of the Dead

In this meditation, the goal of doing Guru Yoga and other forms of yoga and meditation is to help you recognize that you are the clear light of mind and that you are deathless by nature. In first knowing how the Tibetan esoteric system work through this meditation and guide you through the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the goal of the meditation is to help you change the perception about what the world is through eliminating the wrong views about the world and move towards knowing.

Please share this meditation to others so that all beings may benefit from the practice. This is a 4 month challenge where people will get to experience the experience of meditation in this lifetime for free. All that is needed is your stamina and will for universal compassion.

Andy Lai (founder of Naturopathic Elixir of Life)

Overview of the Dzogchen meditation Week 10
Just like the previous week where the dead is exploring through the bardo and experience terrifying images of the demons and herukas, the goal of the meditation is to recognize that the deity is the manifestation of oneself and learn to fully accept it in order to reach enlightenment.

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