DrRic Meditation Timer Foggy Pond Sounds

Meditation is meant to still the mind. When performed on a regular basis, the brain is “trained” to react with the relaxation response more so than the stress response. The stress response is useful for firefighters, police officers, soldiers and fighters. They develop a quick sense of heightened awareness and quick reflexes, that is sometimes hard to turn off when it’s time to be with the family or go to sleep. The relaxation response is useful for tolerating chronic pain, lowering blood pressure, improving the immune response, digesting food, deep sleep, rebuilding bone, love, raising a child and procreation. Attempting to “push away” all those thoughts that pop into our mind every second of every minute takes practice. It is estimated that an average human being generates up to 60,000 thoughts per day, that is 1.44 thoughts per second. No wonder so many people get diagnosed as ADD and placed immediately on medicines. Stilling the mind with meditation practice can decrease all those thoughts and get you a better functioning brain, body and spirit. Watch or listen to this video for the 10 minutes is runs, concentrate on your breath going in and out, and accept any thoughts that pop up then dismiss them and get back to breath work. This 10 minutes will be be more restful to the brain than 6 hours of average sleep.


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