Dream Wise: Invoking The God Bes | Bringing Out That Childlike Spirit

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We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. A lot of the times we can lose our way and get caught up in the work. Instead of losing focus and not making any progress because were so serious all the time…. we have the God Bes within us to bring out energies needed for this Human experience! Your vibrations is Key and Laughing through this thing is whats going to magnify your Spirit!

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16 thoughts on “Dream Wise: Invoking The God Bes | Bringing Out That Childlike Spirit

  1. Im 46 and am told I look 29. Why? Because I love to laugh! I workout as if I'm 25-30 and …k like I'm 25
    Why? Because I laugh! A lot! Even when I'm approached with a d-head situation. I laugh!

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