Dr.Sneh Desai’s Mind Power Seminar Part 1 (in Hindi)

Dr.Sneh Desai’s Mind Power Seminar Part 1 (in Hindi)
Dr.Sneh’s Mind Power Workshop
The Ultimate Mind Control Workshop
We have two types of Mind – Conscious & Subconscious. Our Conscious Mind has 10% powers & Subconscious Mind has 90% powers. If we can do programming of the Subconscious Mind scientifically, it has the power to convert our desires & goals to reality. Between our Conscious state & sleep there is a most important state of Mind which is called Alpha State of Mind (Subconscious activated state). During alpha state our Subconscious Mind is ready to accept our commands & starts working on it. By learning how to go into alpha state when desired & to program our Subconscious Mind we can get lots of benefits. This workshop is all about practically using our Subconscious Mind.
• Relieve Stress & Gain Mental Peace. Learn to Get more rest & refreshment in lesser time
• Generate Self-Confidence & Power to take required Actions by breaking mental limitations
• Get out of Depression & Emotional set-backs. Get everlasting Happy Relationships, release any hatred & guilt or anger
• Come in Peak-Performance State by generating physical & mental strength. Get back your real energy
• Get Positive Mental Attitude & Get rid from negative thoughts & emotions
• Learn Goal setting & achieving, along with lifelong progress secrets
• Learn to receive Cosmic Energy & Meditate. Get Total Life-Balance in Every field of life
• Learn how to get perfect Fitness & Body Shape & relief from health diseases
• Get rid of fears & phobias
• Attract money by learning financial principles & increase your income
• Remove insomnia & get sound sleep. Also Learn to wake-up without alarm in morning
• Increase memory, concentration & grasping
• Increase Convincing & Influencing Power
• Learn to control pain
• Understand Human Psychology & get Self-Control to get Everlasting self-motivation & drive for progress
• Change in Habits & Behaviour Patterns and learn Addiction Removal Technique

Mind Power Workshop is a combination of…
Mind Control Methods
+ Belief & Thought Pattern
+ Alpha Meditation
+ Laws of Attraction
+ Pranadharna / Meditation
+ Neuro Linguistic Programming
+ Human Psychology
Mind Power Workshop is Dr.Sneh’s SIgnature Event & this is the introductery Seminar of that 2 Days Life Changing Mind Power Workshop.
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26 thoughts on “Dr.Sneh Desai’s Mind Power Seminar Part 1 (in Hindi)

  1. sir can i increase my height by using my subconscious mind,my age is 21 and my parents are short ,and I'm taller than my parents but i want to grow more ,please help me sir

  2. supop 7 step sir. I am your old student in Rajkot I am also attain your mind power seminar hotel imperial please itne salo k baad aapko u tube pe dekh k behad khushi mili from. Preety patel

  3. sire its a very good video witch can take us to our goal n txxx so much that one parson is necessary 4 give us support n all say thats take us to our aim txxxx so much good bless u sire…..?

  4. For a much better cognitive ability, memory, and focus, this brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) is proposed. First, this app is satisfying! I am finding my strengths and also those areas that challenge. I seriously appreciate utilizing this game to help myself progress and have a good time.

  5. Dr sneh… can you tell me one question that why you not read islami books.. means what's is right Islam or hindi.. what's true what wrong.. please reads this books islam quran and hindi culture.. what's right way.. please read this book quran..aur ap btay k ap ki life m kia changing ae.. ap ne bht books prhi but kbi ya books ni prhi k quran islam.. ?

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