Dr. Oz Talks Graves’ Disease

Dr. Oz joins Wendy to talk about her battle with Graves’ disease.
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22 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Talks Graves’ Disease

  1. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves but only one eyelid would retract I was super bummed but my husband and great friends were there to help me cope, but I have not had any procedure done yet but I definitely want the surgery because I was discharged from the military because of it!!!! I am sticking to my mess and a lot of self care – exercising and eating healthier because I lost 30lbs in 2 months it was really scary! Everyday I’m learning more and more

  2. I started getting bad symptoms of hyperthyroidism following my period and a long-term infection, however I suspect I had somewhat high thyroid hormone for a long time prior. I know I've had Grave's for years but my body always kept it under control. I'm vegan and feel otherwise good on this diet, but my temperamental thyroid seems to disapprove. So I will eat heaps of whole foods, and take a cocktail of supplements. The worst part is my heart racing and pounding.

  3. I had battled with Graves Wendy matter of fact I just had it taken out this past Jan. and now trying to balance out these meds each day and get this at the same time I had stage one breast cancer girl it wasnt easy

  4. The whole Kevin was a good man thing…was a distraction..I’m not saying Wendy isn’t really sick and I’m not saying that she is..I don’t know her or her life…all I’m saying is that this is not the whole truth

  5. I understand, I’m 17 and was diagnosed with Graves’ disease few months ago. It’s hard. My eyes are bulging a lot and I have been through a lot, got called names, made fun off and hated a mirror! Wendy is strong and I’m glad she is ok

  6. I just had a total thyroidectomy on April 24 2018. I’m 45 years old and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto Disease at age 40 and then turned into hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease. I was on medication for this and it was manageable until the symptoms became worse in December 2017. I was hospitalized three times since then and let me tell you it was such a horrible and frightening time for us all. My husband and two teenagers were ready to boot me out of the house. I was a lunatic with this disease. Everything was uncontrollable and my life was a wreck. It started when I was in early menopause at the age of 44 and I ignored the symptoms. Please go to your Endocronoligist for the blood tests of T3,T4 and TSH. I’m in such a better place right now since it has been totally removed. I do take a hormone replacement for my thyroid, which will be forever and I take calcium supplements as well. The surgery saved my life. Thanks for sharing Wendy. Glad you are on the mend to healing. Great message today. God bless💛🙏

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