Dr. Joe Q&A – Intense energy

Q&A session at the Spain Week Long Advanced Retreat
The question: When I practice “the breath” during meditations, the energy is very intense and I get scared — how do I deal with that?
“The breath” is a technique that Dr. Joe teaches participants at Progressive Workshops, and its intent is to move energy from the body into the brain.


43 thoughts on “Dr. Joe Q&A – Intense energy

  1. I experienced this energy last night for the first time while relaxing and listening to meditative music with my eyes closed. Suddenly my right arm which has been in pain for the last year began twitching & shaking for quite a while. Then I felt my entire body being lifted from my bed and all the energies bursting out of me and finally I felt my arm being twisted inward as if to unlock it back to the right position. After that episode I felt I was slowly being lowered down and my arm stopped shaking. This mystical experience happened for almost 3 hours. Today I don't feel the pain on my arm anymore. Thank Dr Joe for his work

  2. That happened to me b4 I once went to sleep listening to a sound healing meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ & I woke up at some point and my insides were literally shaking I was sooo scared to do it again like the music scared me!!!…..it was crazy but I may actually try it again tonight….MAYBE cause he’s most definitely explaining waking the Kundalini (3rd eye 👁)

  3. I'm doing kundalini yoga for 1 year now. I'm afraid of such a experience the guy mentioned, cuz in most countries such episode means there's a jen(devil force) in you or your are just crazy. Either way you get locked up . Any suggestions?

  4. OMG OMG OMG. I hust had the most incredible meditation. When I finished I gave gratitude standing in front of the bathroom mirror/ counter with my hands on my heart. Before I knew it my upper body was was leaning on the counter and shaking as if in seizure ( as the doc describes). I was face down in the counter with NO idea of who I was, where I was, why I was standing there. It was incredible. I laughed and cried, there was so much love in my heart from this energy. Needless to say I did have a small bruise from hitting the counter..no pain though. I will wear it proudly to work 😊

  5. I’m not sure where I have been or why I haven’t heard of Dr Joe before a few weeks ago…I’ve watched anything I could get my hands on…this is so amazing…I buy into all of it…he has a way of explaining things that is a gift…now…where can I go to an event?!

  6. Wow I,ve been following you Dr Joe, and have been doing your meditations….and the Shaking thing happened to Me last nite very Intensely, and again this morning..Thankyou sok much for your explaination of this 🌷🌸🌹🌻.

  7. Does anyone know the specific meditation he was talking about. He said "when we do the energy thing from the center."…

  8. Haha just happened to me right now.. Haha I felt down side ways. And were struck bare this energy and vibration all over my body… I started to tear up and gratitude at the same time. O.mg. Best feeling ever ❤️😍

  9. this year, in Costa Rico this past month I think. There was a big consciousness festival and the same thing happened, everybody started freaking out and going unconscious because they're energy vortexes/ chackras started opening..

  10. Does anyone know how you relax into the breathing when you feel like your about to have a heart attack or aneurism? I can feel my heart and head throbbing and like I’m about to pop but it gets so hot and I feel like I’m gonna die. I am actively doing the breath work and feel myself getting there but it hurts and I want to train myself to keep holding my breath despite it but I haven’t succeeded completely yet.

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