Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural & Breaking The Habits That Hold You Back

Our expert guest is an International lecturer, researcher, author, and educator who healed his body after a devastating accident using his mind and meditation practice without the need of medical surgery.

Dr. Joe Dispenza joins Ben today to talk about the steps needed to take control of your mind and live your greatest life.

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Time Stamps
1:45 – Joe’s near death miracle story.

11:05 – What to expect the first 30 days of your meditation practice.

13:05 – Turning on your frontal lobe of your brain.

16:00 – Observing thoughts, defining what is the truth and what are just feelings.

18:00 – Change your life with 45 minutes of mental work every day.

20:45 – Are you addicted to anger?

23:25 – Envisioning zombies. How to become a master of observation.

26:25 – Where to place your thoughts when you begin your meditation practice.

30:15 – Mystical experiences and becoming supernatural.

31:00 – Upgraded melatonin and lucid visioning.

34:00 – Dreamtime and creating mystical experiences.

38:00 – Unraveling emotions from the past.

43:15 – High beta brainwaves.

49:45 – Changing your genes in 4 days. Using meditation to improve longevity.

54:45 – The question you need to ask yourself every morning before starting your day to unlock the best version of yourself.

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27 thoughts on “Dr. Joe Dispenza, Becoming Supernatural & Breaking The Habits That Hold You Back

  1. Thank you Dr. Joe , after watching your videos ,I am prompted to arrive at a conclusion that before enlightenment dawns upon a person ,he or she is made to sit at a place for some time following a crisis or critical illness or some sort of confrontation that induces a person to think beyond physical body and prepares him or her to surrender his or her ego ..What remains or shines is Consciousness that can do all wonders.Such people are really fortunate and blessed.Must have done some good deeds at some point in Life.

  2. i just listened to "Becoming Supernatural" with Inspire Nation, which featured this wonderful man looking as exhausted in that video as he looks in this video. BUT sounding no less powerful and edifying!!
    the other video was a good video. THIS VIDEO IS AN EXCELLENT VIDEO!!!!

    since discovering…THIS WONDERFUL GENIUS…i've been almost daily listening to at least 1 video by him (and/or the adorable genius Dr. Bruce Lipton and the spiritually beautiful genius Dr. Gregg Braden). this is the 1st vid where i've heard him talk about the tragedy that he turned into a blessing for himself and ultimately humanity.

    THANK YOU HANDSOME MUSCLE MAN FOR UPLOADING THIS!!! i just discovered your channel. subscribed, though i'm not a muscle builder. (i'm just someone who's determined to age gracefully with a…well…yummy and delicious looking body (as i say in my affirmations)).

  3. I can confirm from my personal experiences what Joe is talking about. Once you experience that connection, feel that constant intensive orgasmus of it, it is easy to get it into this mode of consciousnes anytime and anywhere. Sensitive people if they around you can feel the energy which you radiate or which go through you. It is an intelligent energy and it heals people around you who are opened and sensitive. Once I was in such a state of mind, my sensitive friend wanted to go by me and she hit an energy wall and the energy penetrated her and cured her problem with pain back and stomach. And I did not know that she was there with me at all, as I had closed eyes.

  4. Awesome.. Dr. Joe; I have been listening to so many of your videos; AND each time i get to learn something new. I am so blessed and grateful for knowing you through your books and videos. You are a wonderful teacher and may you continue to inspire the world. And Ben; i liked your questions and it bought out brilliant answers from Dr. Joe. God Blessings . Thanks

  5. Loved this interview Ben as i was listening i was thinking what else i wanted to know and then u asked that question so cool.im at a point of change in my own life absoutly love joe dispenzia love his work /books knowledge love listening to him and look forward to becoming supernatural ox

  6. Dr.Joe's work is so amazing, enlightening, inspiring and empowering. Everyone should have access to this information. Perhaps PBS should pick this up and broadcast it on all its TV stations around the country. It would give many people new hope and much needed healing. Thank you, Ben, for posting this enlightening interview!

  7. First off thanks a bunch for interviewing Dr.Joe. You had really great question. I've watched many of his videos the last 4 years or so but its that elusive sleep or lack of that has taken a serious toll on my brain. I have experienced several years of poor sleep and quit having dreams. I have since found it increasingly more difficult to cultivate a clear perception of who I really am and want to be , attaching emotion is elusive and hard for me to grapple. This is Not how my brain was operating the majority of my life. As a matter of fact I believe I would have sailed through Dr. Joe's workshop. I've come to realize that my overall health and brain function need to improve in order for me to do imagery and emotional work. It's like a switch whent off in my brain that sent me spiraling downwards rapidly, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, lack of exercise, high stress and so on. Yep no wonder I'm not sleeping. Adrenal support ? Check!

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