Does your relationship drain you? How to get rid of an Incubus Succubus | Travis Magus | LVX777

I’ve been leading you down an invisible funnel.

A step-by-step understanding of how Emotions are the manipulative force of the human animal.

Time is short and there’s a lot to learn.

A higher occult understanding awaits but first we have to get it locked in… The subconscious mind generates your reality, and emotions are the fuel behind intent.

No more being triggered; Iron consciousness is needed for where we are going.

The Great Old Ones are awakening.

“The ALL is mind, the Universe is Mental”

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36 thoughts on “Does your relationship drain you? How to get rid of an Incubus Succubus | Travis Magus | LVX777

  1. My relationship feels like it's draining me…I feel like I'm trapped in it. I've made so many plans to leave smh. lol the plan never works. I'm just going to run down the street screaming with sage burning.

  2. Hello I am a male (23 years old) and my ex was a witch, she has been draining my energy (suddenly sad, weird dreams, I close my eyes and see her, sometimes even hear her, almost dropped out of university because this) It's been over three years. I was a non beliver before, a christian sheep but now I see the truth from both sides. I have been following your channel for a while and I NEED YOUR HELP, I need more info on this from the male perspective.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. This so familiar when a relationship don’t work an the person that’s codependent on you yet not healthy enough working at high self to remain in relationships but their energy will try to draw on you, but like you say we detach take authority and reject the intent tap into mind over matter with no doubt or fear or worry go war like warrior take back your power overcome walk in victory

  4. Lol shit i needs my lillth … and would a relationship increase my magiks potency or screw it up… lol these chick come to my house bragging like wonder woman see bahamet be out like da rode runner lol

  5. What about the succubus in non human form you were kind of talking about in the beginning that tries to energy suck, hump or penetrate? I felt one begin to leech on last night which I normally try to raise my vibration/ light to make it go away. But this time I instinctively stuck my hand out to absorb it and drain it which felt good and made it release. I credit you actually as my subconscious might've taken a lesson from your video on absorbing energy from negative comments/ events. My question is, is there a side effect from absorbing it's energy? Do I need to make use of it/ disperse it as soon as possible? Or can I let it linger to be used at a convenient time or does my body just use it? Thanks for the lesson.

  6. Hey Travis, thank you for sharing your abundance with the world! Do you happen to have any gnosis concerning secretly transgendered public figures? I have encountered some second-hand information that it is related to their personal beliefs in ascendancy. Though I haven't seen anyone tackle this subject from a magickal perspective yet. It's quite interesting to see how the 'hidden hand behind the curtain' is using those figures to gradually transmute the sexuality of the masses

  7. Trav,
    Your timing is always impeccable. Thank You So Much. You are such a beautiful spirit. I hope to enroll for your course.📓📓📓 Sending good vibes your way.🌞🌞🌞

  8. "The great old ones are awakening"..
    I dont think most people know what you really mean by that statement.
    Yes we are ……..
    If only i can tell you how wild this shit is and how real it is- even if u have no idea about the occult or magick some are still wizards of the highest order.
    Hell, u really dont even have to "summon" any diety. U are it.

  9. men know how to get women hooked on them. its easy.

    1) act walk talk and dress like a thug loser
    2) treat you like your dad did which is usually not too good.

    thats all there us to it. men know hiw to trap you in your own trauma drama and keep draining women as long as they want….even taking their money. women just need to be stronger and cultivate self-love. too many women these days love being mistreated….inside and outside of the bedroom. its that damn tv and social media. if your mind cant handle it you gotta turn it off ladies. you're doing it to yourselves.

    also you can do these:
    stop answering their calls
    move out if you live together
    change the locks if they leave you
    change your phone number
    get a restraining order
    get a free internet shrink

  10. Ase' , Yes great Video , I've Experienced This And The Relationship With my child's mom Made me Get Physically Sick, She would like to me Cheat and the typical low vibrational behavior and then she keep coming back saying she love me and I treated her the best , She was draining the energy from my solar Plexus , However I Love Myself More to continue to hurt and I choose healing instead of running from it , I'm now beginning to heal myself🙏🙏 ☀💜💙☀

  11. That nice to do Travis but there are essential oil and crystals that works as well the person need to take a bath in the essential oils of hyssop , witergreen lemon eucalyptus oils these oil are very strong and need to be diluted in the bath tub with lots of water and one block of camphor and place in the bathroom one white candle step into the bath tub and soak in the mixture washing your face as well please don't make mixture too strong as these oils can burn the skin try to relax releasing all negative vibrations energies and thoughts as u soaked in the tub looking at the candle say loudly I released all these things from my life and body as I washed myself in this cleansing bath feel your energy return to u with great peace of mind stand up remove the blockage and let the water flowout of the tub .now take a cream and mix 3 drops of hyssop oil and lemon eucalyptus oils together and cream your skin and meditate .I had to fight a negative energy that use to leave me exhausted in the mornings and I found this works for me .it just came to me on day out of the blue to use these oils .it been a few years since and I have been free of that .been a male doesn't mean others don't try to have you , and if they can't they try other ways to they advantage and black tourmaline crystals are great to have as a pendent or black obsidian crystal these two crystals work against negative vibrations energies etc .am only telling you what works for you a few years back.peace

  12. This is your best video yet. I am staying centered through all of this dark moon energy, or at least trying to. I am out driving around and I can sense the crazies all around me. Sending positive vibes to the suffering. Take care wolves.

  13. Wonderful vídeo bro i can't Believe i was asking to the Universe for answers my ex left me hurt me a lot she already got somebody but she call me text me and she already told me i don't love the man i still loving you but this video gave me all my answers thank you bro keep going like that man you are the best

  14. Hell …you can be currently involved with people that do the same shit …not just exes and that shit is worse in my opinion… at least if they are a ex you are one step closer to getting rid of that asshole!

  15. Love should be a growing force, and one free of doubt. Transmutation of that emotional flame is the name of the game. <3 But I ain't no fool either. When you really know these things to your core, the unworthy people just start disappearing from your life, and the worthy ones start showing up. Loving creativity: creative love: loving creation <3

  16. I know for a fact that my guy for over 22 years has been infiltrated by an entity. Not sure what to do about it. I have no fear of putting in the work just don't know how to go about it yet.

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