Do these and your sleep quota will go down – Sadhguru about methods of Managing Energy.

-how do we get energized?
-During 25 years I slept 2.5 to three hours a day.
-Eating and sleeping consciously
-Food may be tasty but if it’s not alive enough I will not consume
-if you just conscious of this one thing you will see your sleep quota will go down.
-most people are eating hundred percent more than what they need to eat
-you’re eating more by compulsion of liking the taste or simply by compulsion of filling yourself up
-the body has to process so much food to create so much energy this extra processing is taking a toll on the system.
-even if you simply sit here with your eyes closed, you remain in a dynamic way you never become static
-where is the time to live?
-keep your energies in an exuberant way.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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26 thoughts on “Do these and your sleep quota will go down – Sadhguru about methods of Managing Energy.

  1. sadhguru me and my husband is scared of having kid
    I want to know whether it is a right to have a kid in such type of surroundings
    most of the people say just plan for one kid so that ur complete focus will be at him/ her .
    But still am scared of having even one kid
    please help me out of this.

  2. Thank you so very much to Sadhguru for his most valuable teachings, and to OnePath for bringing this to our attention. I am beginning to understand this wisdom given about eating and sleeping, and for many years of struggling with health issues and fatigue, diligently learning and incorporating many different habits I am finding that what Sadhguru is saying is all true. The grace of the one creator, made a gardener and healer of me, fills me with joy and keeps me eager to learn yet more of life's greatest teachings…

  3. Here in Houston a dessert now body here…everybody is laced with opioids…and. the cares of this life..and God has given them over to a spirit of slumber….it pushes me closer to a true commune with thee God

  4. Maybe is possible but it could be dangerous sleep is something we havent sacrifice during our evolution i admire sadghuru y i have read most of his books but i dont agree at all about sleeping less I recommend reading the book of matthew Walker a sleep scientist he Also has. Great ted talk. … Even though i still admire very much sadghuru

  5. That's why they call it a koko clock..time is bondage…and all are righteousness is as rubbish in God s eye…if we save are live we lose it..if we lose are live we truly save are life

  6. thing is, if ur static and keep everything around you static, really static, literally no change, time does not pass. so much to time management. but id suggest not attemting that at home as it requires you to cool and entire independed, unobseravble system to 0Β°K and place urselfe in it.
    and jadajadajada, let us eat that much. out economie needs the diseas that come from it. u can do 4 days well notice nothing, well we can do a whole month, you got your diet, we got our speed. and with speed, you can actually manage time. or it manages your time for you. but thats ok as well, at 50 from my heart or at 52 from lung cancer, doest really matter… first world problems.

  7. 6:00 life has been going well lately for me. Finally making money from jobs, paid off my credit cards, working from home, no longer stressed about my past present or future, no longer putting pressure on myself to be successful right this instant and also exercise. That has all helped my energy levels feels so smooth, so I hope I can start sleeping less because I actually am enjoying my life right now. Even though I am not where I want to be.

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