Video reveals UFO sighting in Toronto, where lighted craft ( ? ) form as DNA , strange yet interesting, fake or real it doesn’t matter, the truth of universal truths is within the spiral , the ladder to heaven, kundalini, serpent rising, spiritual etheric electromagnetic fields composing both physical and nonphysical matter- a matter that science is confused about at this time, simply because they haven’t expanded their consciousness – the topic of superconductive fractals, hypercubes and crystalline structure is a real technology that is already in motion within our earths grid networks and within the universal galactic existence – A Reality you must face within yourself, within your own illuminated pituitary gland – with the brightness of your heart the truth comes alive in Vision, the fear no longer exists- the initiation into the true art starts with yourself and Nature. All around you – the signs are, the signs are revealing – and the signs are in the geometric nature of existence – This video was formed to remind humanity that we are being upgraded and updated by Forces of light-
All that is required is the meditative art and the inward sight, for if Eye is One , Body shall be full of light –
The Oneness is a real experience where there is only One consciousness guiding, healing, restructuring and adjusting the Earths System. We are One with this.
Ehani is One with the Family Of Light who CARE for all life, and want Life to flower and blossom in the times to come.
One Light and One Love to All who visit this channel and this video-
There is only Peace, Wisdom, Truth and Art here – Creativity from the Heart-Minds of Many, Collaborating over the course of many years to form a Galactic Database of Universal Communion.

Thank you for watching

DNA ufo video source:

EON TIDE music source:

Song used: ” Dreamline Anomalies – Paradigm Of Creation 432hz ”



  1. I read all comments, bipolar, dualistic, yin/ yang. Perfect! All opinions are true, but understand that everything is connected in a way or another and for many many time our minds separates everything due to a survival need in this 3D world, and we create the several illusions of the ego/ separation/ judgement thinking, etc.(like a computer game, next level you need an upgrade for you to continue). This is all illusions and as well as any opinion. What we call reallity is actualy and illusion. Since we are evolving to higher dimension, all this happens more and more because the old 3D way of thinking is trying to survive, he know he goes to disappear since the earth has another frequency now. Darkness only exists because the Light also exists. What happens when both melt? Light embraces darkness! When you go on feeding fear in your mind/body and a need of fighting something that is an enemy. This fear is from your Ego, the fear of dying and dissapearing for ever. You are just harming yourself and trying to perpetuate something that doens't really exist, your illusionary personality/ego. The one you think it's being threatned and poisonned. It will if you believe in it! But only if you believe! Believe is the key. The universe is multidimensional. Believe and universe will respond.

  2. Those where just drones. Noise. Be mindful of what you belive. The next false flag is to stage an alien attack. Every movie has preped our minds to assume an alien threat. Google light show drones that was this looked like. Fear and distraction is the only form of control so use your mind wisely.

  3. to experience something like this is very important. This is a message for you men who recorded this event.
    ET's attempt to communicate with people who are filled with love and good intentions. You need to study the ce-5 initiative, and attempt to make contact with these beings.

  4. *******************

    I will explain what the CE-5 initiative is, and why it is important for people to do. 

       CE-5 stands for, Close encounters of the 5th kind. It is a part of the disclosure project that was created by Dr. Steven Greer. CE-5 is a term describing a series of protocols human beings use To make contact with extraterrestrial life throughout the universe.  It starts with meditation to gain access to the non locality of mind, and then using the concept of universal peace and love to connect to extraterrestrial communication systems that are thought powered and that use technology that interfaces with consciousness . When connected to these systems in this state of consciousness, you can use remote viewing, with coherent thought sequencing vectoring, and other techniques to show the observing extraterrestrials where you are in the universe, and exactly where on the planet. And if you have genuinely peaceful intentions, they will come visit you and make contact a number of amazing ways. including types of telepathic communication, and manifesting as lights, orbs, or fully materialized crafts, and more. These events can be extremely enlightening and it can give you a new perspective on life and the universe.

    It is important to understand that secret government compartments, (that are now known as "special unacknowledged access projects") have been hiding information about advanced technologies and visiting extraterrestrial life for decades. They do this to maintain the status quo, and keep the current structure of power and wealth. 

    Usurping the government and making peaceful contact with extraterrestrial life using CE-5 protocols as groups of individuals or alone, creates a paradigm shift in the consciousness of the people on our planet. People need to understand that ET life that are able to travel the stars, have inter-dimensional technologies that are so advanced, that if these technologies were weaponized, the results would be so devastating that any conflict between such advanced civilizations would cause a situation where it would just assure mutual destruction, and it would be the end of both civilizations.  So peace is the only way an evolving species is allowed to become a space bearing civilization. Otherwise a primitive species like humans, which technological development have greatly surpassed our social, and spiritual development, will be kept quarantined on our planet until we figure things out, and stop abusing and killing each-other.

    Understand that their has been alot of disinformation, and a culture put around the subject of ET life, and UFO's, that makes people either ridicule the subject or fear it.

    Using the fear, and psychological warfare value they have created around the subject. Elements of these black projects have planned a major false flag event for the earth, and the final part of the plan, which has been in the making for decades, is to fake an alien invasion using programmed lifeforms, and Alien reproduction vehicles that are powered with classified secret anti gravity technology,  called electro-magnetic gravitics. Their purpose is to unite the earth against a false enemy from other worlds, and use the threat to grow the funding and control over the planet for these special projects and the military industrial financial complex.
    But If enough people are informed about this plan, plus initiating the CE-5 protocols, and understand consciousness, extraterrestrial life, and the truly peaceful nature of advanced planetary beings, with advanced inter dimensional technologies. then the false flag event will not go through, with the majority knowing it would be fake.

    CE-5 and the disclosure project is also about exposing the secret technologies that have been back engineered from downed ET craft using advanced Electro-magnetic weapons that have been installed on satellites in space by these secret black projects. And also exposing technologies discovered by humans but kept secret because hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of resource assets and infrastructure would be obsolete if they were exposed.

    Dr. Steven Greer. Founded the CE-5 initiative and the disclosure project in the early 1990's.

    The disclosure projects goals is to expose these many secrets that keep our society controlled. And help change Our civilizations future towards a new era of universal peace with Extraterrestrial life. There is a movie that Dr Greer created that is on Netflix called…… "Sirius" 
     "S." "I." "R." "I." "U." "S.".

    also visit. 

     That would be the best way to start informing yourself about these topic.

  5. People will believe whatever makes them feel good, it seems. And other people will take advantage of that, it seems.
    Emotional mind control is going strong in this comment section. I recommend watching "New age bullshit revisited" by Mark Passio. You can find him on YouTube. Don't be a pushover and sit idly by waiting for others to free humanity, it will never happen, it's a feel good fantasy that encourages inaction. The situation humanity faces is dire, and this realisation can make you feel bad, however those emotions must be embraced and used as fuel for betterment. There is a great deal of power in righteous anger.
    We free ourselves, it's that simple.

  6. The guys that recorded this video made me laugh so hard. "We might be getting attacked right now. Are they counting up? They better not be counting down." Lmao

  7. We could use help down here we got folks suffering ever minute do to the System that is in place. Most know that the System in place at this time is extra Evil and has a passion to hurt all lovey things. So yeah help please cuz we hurting out here.


  8. Thanks, Ehani I am waiting and meditation regularly for higher contact with my universal family. Hope you hear from them soon. You are truly inspirational with your messages. Lots of love 🙏🏽

  9. hey I heard on one of my Channeling's that our governments were gonna make it look like the universe friends were not friendly n would b makin it look like they're attacking us! don't fall into their false flags like they want us to ok!!

  10. The dodecahedron is the element of Spirit, the Void, Infinite darkness, Infinite space, Infinite Light..
    Do not be afraid..
    This is not satanic, this is not black magic this is the UNIVERSAL energy present everywhere and in all things..
    It is only hidden to those who fear runs wild..
    only hidden when the eye is blind..
    Only revealed properly when the heart and mind are aligned!
    This energy is powerful..
    Its misuse can cause destruction..
    Its proper wise use can cause universal healing, DNA correction, star jumping ,teleportation, time travelling, dimensional warping, dimensional star travel.
    When Love dominates power,
    Power Is In Love.
    Love is an Energy Field.
    Energy Field Is Vibrational Intelligence.

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