Divine Meditation Part 7{Power Of The Gods}

By meditating deeply; I have come into some extraordinary supernatural powers. I have met new friend out in the universe. They are powerful angel beings; and they have been revealed too me. I was under a trance while doing this video; and the Angelic Gods took over my voice. This is a supernatural video that wasn’t just done by me. 80% was done by the creator of the universe. I have graduated to a higher level. Enjoy this forceful almighty high powered video and be blessed. Peace and Light. Namaste!


13 thoughts on “Divine Meditation Part 7{Power Of The Gods}

  1. @pnm1941 I feel like God has ordained you to tell me great things like this. You are the chosen one; meaning you are one of God powerful Angels. Your words of encouragement is giving me power as I return and share the power back to you. We encourage each other talents. Thank you so much sir for everything. love: Musicorey

  2. @robust808 Hey hi there; I want to thank you so much for enjoying my video. I have many more like this one in my uploads ok? I'll see you there……….

  3. @bbuteo Thank you for your efforts to compliment me when you can. I still always appreciate you alot. Thank you. Hugs too you. I wish you very well in your music business.

  4. hello my dear friend how are you?? well here in the video you look good and very very peaceful, im sorry if sometimes we cant check all of your videos ..but is because we are in permanent music creation and production—so we dont have much time, big hug to u!! thumbs up

  5. @musicorey Ya see; the power of meditation changes my entire demeanor. Making me a much more better person in a peaceful and calm way. I have also notice the changes of my facial expressions; and it is not an act; it is called; miracles of the supernatural angelic force. I thank God so much for this wonderful gift. Thank you so much for being my friend; I'm so glad you enjoyed; and I'm so excited that I got you entertained.
    Love: Corey

  6. @pnm1941 Hello to my great dearest friend. Thank you so much for your constant love and support towards my talented demeanor. I find it that; the more I meditate, wisdom and knowledge develops within my mind soul and heart. I have really notice some changes in myself; its really amazing; I'm almost like another person.

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