Disidentification (The Practice of Non Attachment) – Teal Swan –

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Whenever we associate something with our self, we identify with it. It becomes part of us. We make it the same as us. This is what attachment really is. It is identification. Identification leads to pain, which is why when we dedicate our lives to the reduction of suffering on the planet, dis-identification is one of the primary spiritual practices we adopt. In this episode, Teal explains dis-identification as well as gives suggestions about how to dis-identify.

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31 thoughts on “Disidentification (The Practice of Non Attachment) – Teal Swan –

  1. I am able to disitentify with my ego & pain & experience peace.. but after a few weeks or months i forget & fall back into new ego or painful ways. I wonder if there is a way to be disidentified from negativity at all times.. anyways great video i always come back to it when I'm struggling to practice the exercise once again! (:

  2. It's so easy to talk bullshit and to have theories about everything, but when you fall down to the hole there is nothing you can do except to embrace the hell around you and pray that there is a good reason for being in this shithole of life.

  3. At 11:24 Teal Swan seems to describe Borderline Personality Disorder:

    "We can even become identified with pain itself. Isn't that an interesting twist? Now this of, course of, the most painful conditions you can experience – is to be come identified with pain -, because the Ego will seek pain out, just to reinforce, it's own sense of self, it's own identity."

    Then following up at 11:44 seems to describe the dissociative symptoms of BPD:

    "But there is an interesting flip-side. People who are identified with pain often end up with so much pain, that in one fell-swoop, they end up disidentifying with themselvez completely. It is a form of Emotional Suicide."

  4. Happy Friday,

    Teal, you never miss the target, bull's eye.
    You remind us to be aware of our own love, you have share so much with us, like you we accept or life as a work in progress.
    I am happy you are settling in your new home, it is better together.
    Much love respect and gratitude to you…
    Atlantic Daylight Savings Time.
    Paul Barkhouse Jr.

  5. Wow, you're right. I have experienced this before. When the pain was so severe I, in a way, stepped out of myself and I saw myself and I felt nothing. I remember when I was 10 years old and I received the news that my dad had an accident and was fighting for his life in a hospital. In that moment I was in such shock, such extreme pain that all of a sudden I felt nothing and I saw myself and I saw he journey I'm about to experience. This also happened when my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. I collapsed to the ground and I saw myself sitting there on the ground. I saw what was happening to me. I saw all the emotions, all the pain, all the healing I am about to experience in the next year or so. In that moment I felt nothing. As if it didn't affect me, as if I'm already healed. I noticed how unaffected I feel and I thought it was one of my self defense mechanisms. I thought I was in denial. Well I don't think I really know what it was… I just recently discovered your videos and I have a lot to learn 🙂

  6. Great video Teal!? You are doing a great service to many. Thank you?! . (This ball of high vibration energy that of which I experience life through) hehe
    ?tries imagining morphing into something that doesn't have much identification ? or has the opposite identity of that which is causing a strong reaction. Obviously do this after you focus completely and solely on the feeling or identity that causes you the drama until it's form changes and doesn't cause the strong emotion at all. ? You can replace your identity with things you want to identify with and this will become your autopilot, even if you stray for a bit you're automatically put back on track with the new identification. ? Experience life through the eyes of…

  7. I am I am very very very very thankful for you Teal! You teach attachment/non attachment better than anyone I have heard. Thank you so much for your dedication and passion and love.

  8. woow I just had a quick nap listening to this and it was a super awesome and very powerful lucid meditation experience. I have so much desired that for a long time but I only got it now as soon as I mentally started to imagine what would it feel to disidentify from everything I feel or belong to.

  9. So If I say , I am an infinite being which I am, does this mean I have attached myself to the infinite being status, and So I must be aware that I am not? I am so confused. I really wish to speak to 'my' higher self. I am so confused with this.

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