Discover Your God-Self: Unlock Your Mind Power

The universe is a field of energy. And everything seen and unseen are simply patterns of energy — matter, electromagnetic radiation, etc. And here’s the kicker, this energy field is CONSCIOUS! In some way, not fully understood yet, consciousness is embedded in the fabric of the universe! And everything is conscious to some degree; an atom, a rock, a cell, a plant, an animal, a human.

Narrator and writer of the article: Jeff Street from Divine Cosmos
Graphics in the video from: AA VFX

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23 thoughts on “Discover Your God-Self: Unlock Your Mind Power

  1. You are not God, but a part of him. He put a little of Himself in man when He blew breath in man's nostrils. You can fully recognize yourself through the third eye. Jacob (I believe) said he had seen God and called the place pineal.

    T.R.U.S.T. I. N. G.O.D.

  3. Sounds like Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Ego wants to experience like as an individual. He then decides there should only be him…..Kurt Russell is God. Mind blown

  4. A verse from the Hindu Vedas (pronounced Vayda..the d pronounced like in words like this, that) says Aham Brahmaasmi…I am the infinite One Mind and Energy of the Universe.
    This superb video is the reiteration of what the Vedas taught thousands of years ago….

  5. I like this as I came to this same / similar conclusion to this sometime ago however another thought might be that the reason as to why this Universal Being decided to create many sub selves could be that it was trying to map out which was the best way to go perhaps this is God's version of a Tom tom road finder perhaps He / it was confused as to which way to go being able to see so many potions , however another reason as to why it is mapping is to find a way out perhaps God / the universal Being is trapped and is trying to escape into something else perhaps it is trying to avoid some kind of end or collision?

  6. Yes indeed, discover your Goddess-God-All That Is-Self. Why do almost all ET's use the patriarchically prescribed masculine GOD word to describe Oneness? AHh, just hung up on words am I? Hmm, let me ask Father Woman:::Nope, words matter, they create worlds.

  7. Henry Markram a neuroscientist and director of Blue Brain Project in Lausanne, Switzerland said:

    “We found a world that we had never imagined. There are tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. In some networks, we even found structures with up to 11 dimensions.”

  8. I just had this conversation with my dead about the universe being consciousness experiencing itself in all possibilities that are to be experienced. And again, come to YouTube and watch a video just confirming what I already know. All these people awakening now, it is in front of our noses. We are changing the world, that’s what say we were here for when we were kids, I believed in that, I observed everyone, didn’t understand how come these people and their hate ….I always appreciated everything, the good and the bad, really made me see and experience both sides. Always aware, always curious, always non judgmental, always happy, always content with the experience of the present on this planet. I have allowed to live in a matrix when are connected to all because we are all, frequency adjusting to the collective consciousness. Appreciate and understand those who aren’t awaken to receive the love their deserve to be able to see how amazing and loved they really are is the most important thing.
    You said what I could write myself. Just like someone told me that about what I said once. That somebody told me after I already had the knowledge as did they passing their information.comfirming we are indeed connected. We can communicate and we are, every second, we just dont see it when the vibration is so low. I had to lose everything and everyone to let loneliness to guide me back to what was stolen from us, forced to block and to forget. Let’s not let allow this to happen. Let’s love and accept each other’s view. Let’s just be there for one another,

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