Diarrhea in Dogs: How To Quickly Treat At Home

In this video Dr Jones shows you the common causes of dog diarrhea, and how it is diagnosed based on the clinical signs. Lastly you will see the more common and most effective at home remedies to be able to stop your dog’s diarrhea fast.


46 thoughts on “Diarrhea in Dogs: How To Quickly Treat At Home

  1. i dont think I can get my dog to take kaopectate .Thankfully she goes on the bathroom floor on a pad but I can tell shes sick. She didnt want to go outside today. I dont have a syringe & cant see her taking kaopectate any other way. I had diarrhea two days then she got it. We dont share food or beds & she doesnt lick me. I cant figure out why both of us have the same type of diarrhea. If she feels as bad as I do then I'm very worried for her.

  2. My 4 year old chewed / ate a cooled pork bone. 24 hours later he vomit (brown in color) with a few pieces of bone fragments . His poop is smelly, small in size with traces of watery blood. He has not ate his pet food but does have small amounts of water when I offer it. He seems fine ; happily gets up to go outside when I call him out. Please offer advice. I know now never to give bones to dogs :-(. Thank you in advanced

  3. My senior 17yo doxie stomach is so sensitive, even a dime size new treat will send him into distress for several days. I use to do the Pepto and Peppermint drops, but they eventually no longer helped. I had a bottle of human probiotic and I gave him a dose sprinkled on his white rice/boiled chicken replacement meal until his stools firmed, but these mfg. charged double or more because it’s for dogs, it is no different. I started buying the human brands at Wal-mart, and have never looked back. It’s a fraction of the price, currently we have Nature’s Bounty- Probiotic 10-a 60 ct. bottle and it doesn’t require it, but I store in frig along side a human grade fish oil cap for him, that’s given daily. I also found 2 canine products online while researching this issue prior to starting the probiotic regimen that I really love, Pecatalin and Bene-bac, they are both in push syringes, and are probiotics, but in salve form and dog flavored, so he licks it right off the end as I push the dose out, or I can hide a dose ribbon of it in his dinner. And don’t buy from Chewy or Amazon or other such sites, they’re overpriced in my opinion. Shop around, Chewy had one of them almost $16 more than a mom and pop shop in Florida that delivered free and cheaper. I also store in frig, just because I live in Deep South and so humid and hot. Plus all his meds are in one dry, cool, place easy to find in a moments notice. I also give him human Benadryl after being told by pharmacist that the doggie version, $11 more than human, are the exact same ingredients at Wal-mart, also Benadryl is same thing as otc sleep tabs he said, I compared the two and he was right about that. So, started buying 600 ct bottle at Costco for $5 for our allergies and my occasional insomnia. Google any human med in reference to canine use and someone will have whether safe and the doggie equivalencies online. People are giving dogs CBD oil and Kratom for cancer, chemo,anxiety and other pain relief, amazing. Good luck to you and your puppers.

    how bout baby chihuahuas? What if the poo is just very watery and no blood or vomiting. It woke me up at 9 pm and at 5 am it kept crying it usually isnt like this. she is only 50 days old When i came to check on the chihuahua at 9 pm there was watery poo when i went to check at 5 am it was the same and it was crying in pain idk it kept crying all day today

  5. My dog is eating and drinks water but he has bad gas and has had diarrhea for the past few days. It looks like his stomach is hurting him. He licks and eats anything under the sun he's only 8 months part lab and pitbull and he's getting huge. I just want my baby to feel better. I'm broke and barely have money. What can I do?

  6. I did just this and my 9week old cavi passed away last night. it didn't help my poor pup at all . 😕 I've also gone to the vet before trying this and vet said to give my pup hills science diet puppy food that didn't help at all.

  7. Saw this video and I was wondering about the parvo virus.

    What more can you do at home to help him recover from this virus.

    Someone said Sulfatrim is good for puppy's who have the parvo virus…… Please is this true.

  8. My 8mo lab has had diahree for 3 days now. Some mucous today with red tinge. I have given her 1 pill of albon provided by the breeder per their instructions. She's eating, drinking and playing but I am concerned. Will the alban help or should i try th Arsenicum album and should I treat my other 2 dogs as well? I need help please.

  9. I helped my dog with her watery diarrhea by feeding her chicken and oats. Poor sweetheart had diarrhea 4 times before I fed her this plain meal. I don’t know why!

    I cut up a chicken breast and boiled it in water with 3 spoonfuls of oats. It made a thick gloopy liquid. I mashed the chicken breast pieces with a fork so it was all mixed into the oaty water. When it cooled I fed it to my dog in 2 separate servings and she enjoyed eating it even though she was clearly not feeling 100% well.

    My dog is a jack Russell mix

  10. Thank you so Much!!
    I don't have the words to Thank You..My 11 year old dog has been suffering from this. The vet we visited was very cold. He basically said to leave him there and there was nothing else to do.I said I felt if this is the end my dog would feel better at home & feel abandoned if I left him there.. He Then said dogs can't sense that or even think that.That was it I took my Caramelo home I have done as you indicated and he is doing much better …Thank You soo Much!!! not even the prescription the vet gave us worked ….but This did!!!

  11. Hello, I believe that if you eliminate human food from their diet, use quality dog food, don't be stingy with your money, give up something for the loving and devoted pet they are, I promise you I've been there and use the internet to educate yourself, just ask " human foods dogs shouldn't eat". Good luck everyone. Now, my question, What about small dogs they don't like you putting anything in their mouths?

  12. My dog just went through a bout of Diarrhea it lasted threedays durring that time he wouldn't eat anything. I made sure he had plenty of fresh water and kept cleaning up the liquid piles off the carpet. I have no idea what caused this but I'm glad its over.

  13. Okay, so, my dog gets pretty sick after eating any food that isn’t her dog food, or very small pieces of treats that I buy her.
    I’ve tried giving her chicken and rice, but I quickly noticed the first time she had diarrhea, that it made it worse.
    She had gotten better after eating her own food for a couple of days.
    That was the first time she’d ever had severe diarrhea.

    Right now, she has diarrhea again. She actually threw up at around 3:00 am today. It looked like she’d thrown up something brown-ish.
    I’m thinking that maybe someone I live with, gave her a piece of their food the other night.
    Does this just mean that she’s extremely sensitive to new food? So far it only happened with table food, but not fruits or veggies, which is understandable.

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