Dhamma on Air #63: Meditation vs. Psychedelics

No Purity = No Progress .!.

Chemical Calm is a Phoney Pseudo Phantasm …

Question 188: A: Is sex an Addiction to sense pleasure? @ 3:24
B: Is Masturbation a compulsive behaviour?
C: Can orgasm be advantageous?

Question 189:
Can psychedelics improve meditation, and/or spirituality? @ 18:19

Question 190: What is the Buddhist view on Organ Donation? @ 44:30

A Roof is Needed.. @ 50:21

How difficult is it to be reborn as a Human? Simile of the Blind Sea-turtle:

Generosity is the 1st Mental Perfection:

On the solitary and silenced Pacceka-Buddhas:
The Paccekabuddha Study: A Buddhist Ascetic by Ria Kloppenborg.

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7 thoughts on “Dhamma on Air #63: Meditation vs. Psychedelics

  1. Thanks you again for wonderful dhamma talk from both perspectives: Dhamma and medical. I always share your dhamma talk on my Facebook so that my Facebook friends can benefit form your dhamma talk.

  2. Hi Bhikku Samahita, How do we distinguish between a good pleasure and a bad pleasure? On one hand pleasure can lead to unwholesome states like you have mentioned, but also pleasure is what leads people to what is healthy or beneficial for them. Like e.g. nutriment for a healthy body, or fresh air or a little bit of sun. These things also bring pleasure because they are what the body/organism needs. It motivates one to seek those things out.

    Like for example you mentioned that one can even become attached to beautiful nature. But on the other hand, if you live in a congested polluted city, to be in nature not only brings pleasure, but it also brings health and well being. So then in that case is it bad to delight in this sort of pleasure? It may still cause attachment and suffering when it is not present..

  3. Excellent talk, honorable friend. Mara will certainly capitalize upon the delusions developed through pornography or drugs, mixing half-truths to establish even stronger desires for corruption when confused about the reality of sila.

  4. Thanks very much for the enlightening Dhamma talk, venerable sir. Whilst totally agreeing with upholding the alcohol precept, I am a little confused when I read the Sarakani Sutta in which the Buddha explicitly mentioned that the drunkard was able to attain 1st fruit of enlightenment. Could you please help me to understand that?

    With Metta,

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