Dark Night Of The Soul: (5 Most Common Signs & Symptoms)

Dark Night Of The Soul – (is what you’re experiencing right now… the Dark Night of the soul?)

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Right now, I am finding a lot of people are going through INTENSE shifts…

When you’re breaking through the fog… and entering a new & higher state of consciousness…

Many times, on the way to this desirable destination, we meet up with our shadow self…

This reunion is not normally pleasant lol… but as we all know, the only way out… is through.

So when you meet up with this shadow… and you know what I mean by that…

The darker aspects of yourself… patterns of low consciousness that manifest in behaviors that you certainly no longer prefer but find yourself still dancing with.

During this time you may feel depression, anxiety, feel like you’re going crazy, etc…

You may also feel extra empathic, sensitive, and tender.

As you enter this dark night and confront those unresolved aspects of yourself, you are by definition healing and releasing those parts of you.

The dark night of the soul is an accelerated healing basically!

It’s nice to know when you’re going through it though! Rather than assume you’re going crazy or having a nervous breakdown.

If you’re watching this video that is not the case. my friend, and I would bet that there’s a deeper part of you that already knows that.


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– Victor Oddo

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About The Video:
This video is to help people that are experiencing the dark night of the soul and going through a spiritual awakening right now.

The true essence of awakening is basically a purge… a releasing of all that holds down your soul’s true power and beauty. At the core, you and everyone else here on Earth are special, powerful beyond measure, and eternal.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is a systematic and accelerated removal process of all that is preventing one from aligning with that core truth.

The symptoms of the dark night can be intense, uncomfortable, and even dare I say tricky…

The signs of the dark night will be discussed in this video and help you out a lot.

The video will explain what the dark night is… how to tell if you’re going through it… and most importantly what it means and what you can do if you are.


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