Dark Night Of The Soul: (5 Most Common Signs & Symptoms)

Dark Night Of The Soul – (is what you’re experiencing right now… the Dark Night of the soul?)

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Right now, I am finding a lot of people are going through INTENSE shifts…

When you’re breaking through the fog… and entering a new & higher state of consciousness…

Many times, on the way to this desirable destination, we meet up with our shadow self…

This reunion is not normally pleasant lol… but as we all know, the only way out… is through.

So when you meet up with this shadow… and you know what I mean by that…

The darker aspects of yourself… patterns of low consciousness that manifest in behaviors that you certainly no longer prefer but find yourself still dancing with.

During this time you may feel depression, anxiety, feel like you’re going crazy, etc…

You may also feel extra empathic, sensitive, and tender.

As you enter this dark night and confront those unresolved aspects of yourself, you are by definition healing and releasing those parts of you.

The dark night of the soul is an accelerated healing basically!

It’s nice to know when you’re going through it though! Rather than assume you’re going crazy or having a nervous breakdown.

If you’re watching this video that is not the case. my friend, and I would bet that there’s a deeper part of you that already knows that.


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– Victor Oddo

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About The Video:
This video is to help people that are experiencing the dark night of the soul and going through a spiritual awakening right now.

The true essence of awakening is basically a purge… a releasing of all that holds down your soul’s true power and beauty. At the core, you and everyone else here on Earth are special, powerful beyond measure, and eternal.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is a systematic and accelerated removal process of all that is preventing one from aligning with that core truth.

The symptoms of the dark night can be intense, uncomfortable, and even dare I say tricky…

The signs of the dark night will be discussed in this video and help you out a lot.

The video will explain what the dark night is… how to tell if you’re going through it… and most importantly what it means and what you can do if you are.


35 thoughts on “Dark Night Of The Soul: (5 Most Common Signs & Symptoms)

  1. This post is a real gem – I can't thank you enough! I am four and a half years out of an eight-year season in hell. Everything you are saying rings true for me. I am still trying to understand the enormity of it all but I feel like the proverbial butterfly that finally birthed out of its cocoon. For those still in the depths, keep on persevering, keep breathing, and find whatever shreds of joy you can because every bit helps. The other side will come and you will experience life as you never dreamt possible! Just as this wonderful man says.

  2. Thank you so much for what you do! These purges have come in waves going deeper and deeper with each round. It’s been a while since my last dark night so, I’m really glad you made another video on it. Nothing but love, Always.

  3. Bawling my eyes out watching this, fits perfectly with what I'm going through, even been feeling suicidal, thanks for this, gave me a better understanding of what is happening to me ❤

  4. I'll never forget this pain!!!! Now? It changed everything! Now, the blessings are pouring in. The numbers I'm seeing, holy shit! I've seen more numbers today than ever before!!!!!!

  5. Dude… It was a year long dark night of the soul!! A whole fucking year. I'm free now!!!! For the most part lol. I had an angel by my side the whole way. Kinda dragged my friend through it too.

  6. Your videos are so helpful! I thought I was going back to my old ways permanently and I was really sad about it so thank you for putting it into perspective for me 🙂

  7. This video helped me so much tonight! I’ve felt so spiritually lost and off track lately, as well as feeling so drained and burnt out from the job I have. So seeing this really helped remind me that the dark night will pass and I will be back on track in no time! So thank you! 🙏🏼 🙌🏽 💛

  8. word! it seems though it is a winter of the soul because nights are sooo long and days are dark too. reading the comments makes me feel like we are just puppets, because we control nothing, it is just happening TO us. That is what makes me angry. It is true, the dark nights always make me search for the life line in spiritual topics but I have run out of them, feel like I have researched everything and nothing really brought me joy as something very simple in physical reality can. Thats why I think if we came here, why do we have to live in spirit and our bodies and life circumstances and relationships are all screwed up most of the time as light workers. It seems we just applied for the hell mission and only doing this for others – which ultimately means for ourselves but those rewards we can reap only when we get rid of this body anyway. I would now apply for Discharge with honors or however they called it in Officer and the Gentleman;)))) but thank you anyway, as you said, if we are watching, there is still some of hope left in us…

  9. If my soul is ready and I feel such a pressure inside, how come I have been having very dark phases all my life and never make the shift? Now the difference is that I don't only have this feeling of somewhat missing but have had spot moments of blessing and then big regressions to my normal life, and above all an unstoppable attraction for spirituality. Yet, there is my artistic side that is resisting because each time I feel more connected to the Presence and the Higher Self, I lose creativity and art and that artistic side of me rebels. Maybe that is the reason why I never come out of the tunnel.

  10. Thank you Victor! It's funny how your videos post in a very similar pattern to the way I'm feeling at the time. I'm not in the dark night of the soul, but for the past four days I have felt those emotions. (This video posted 4 days ago, unknown to me. I just got home from a business trip and I'm catching up on your videos.) I'm thankful for continuing synchronicities, including 2 just now. I am 14231 views and I stopped the video on 14:23. (444 and 423 combinations have been my "angel numbers" for a couple years now.) Thanks again, my friend. Keep up the good work!

  11. Had a spiritual reading recently and the card drawn for me was a butterfly and so even the banner of this video resonated with me. I am processing a separation from my husband of almost 13 years, we had been together for 19. I feel like I am emerging for the last few months from a 1.5 year dark night. Thanks for this video as it is helping me look back and process how far I have come and have hope and faith in the future!

  12. Thank you, Victor, as always for articulating your message with so much generosity.
    "Overwhelmingly stuck": that was very true for me–I have found journal entries expressing my frustration with feeling unable to change certain things about myself and my life which I was desperate to change; it was like karma had locked me in a cage. I felt that way for years, and, yes, it was horrible. But then I broke through. Today, I'm still just finding my feet and figuring out how to "do this thing", (still feeling like lots of things in my life don't "fit" in a way, and I am allowing change) but, praise Divine! at least I'm not stuck anymore! Hang in there, anyone going through this… things really will break; the sun will rise; change will come; relief will come; better days, amazing days, WILL come!
    For me, Victor, I feel like I was actively seeking the transformation for a long time and working for it, in a way, although I didn't fully realize what I was looking for. I can think of times throughout my life when this transformation was knocking on a door inside me–several times, throughout my life, I opened the wrong door and walked through it–and sometimes I had to walk for years down the wrong hall before I heard that knock again. Oh, boy, did I resist! Not fully consciously, I would say, but, yes, I resisted on some level. But then, the way I see it, the inner work I had been doing wore my own resistance down until it became very thin. Then, I was READY. Then, when the next knock came, I was able to choose the door which opened me fully. Brilliant.
    We can do this, people!

  13. Wow, this video made me cry. I have been doing the work with deep deep meditations for months now. I went through all of these symptoms and several months ago I felt at my very darkest. It was so uncomfortable and I was in a deep depression but I knew I needed to keep going. Things have been feeling lighter lately. I practiced a Dr. Joe Dispenza pineal gland meditation at 3:30am this morning. I went to yoga and realized that, as I have intellectually known for such a long time, the divine is within us. My challenges of feeling unworthy, not being able to trust, etc., all stem from this one realization, I am the Divine, we all are. I have been trusting individuals and forces outside of me instead of trusting me, the Divine, what's inside. I feel so light and present right now. And then this morning through another person I was led to Victor and this video. Thank you, Victor.

  14. man Victor. you're like my spiritual big brother. every time i'm going thru sumthing HARD, i KNOW there's a reason and i check your channel and u always post sumthing relevant that helps me bust thru n shine even if i dont really feel like it. LOL! i just want to say thank u again, as always. 🙏💓💓💓

  15. I went thru purging 😝about 7 months ago then went thru a spiritual awakening✨💫🌟 and haven’t looked back. My spiritual journey has brought me learning Reiki and sharing it with others. Thank you for being you❤️🙏 Many Blessings to you and yours🙏

  16. Thank you 😊 much love ❤️ light and blessings ❤️😊✌🏻, me and my hubby’s anniversary is on the 26 th of January 35 year’s together, ❤️😊✌🏻, need to experience the darkness to appreciate the light ❤️

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