Daily Morning Meditation for Healing, Love, Human Connection, and Cultivating Compassion #23

The healing of the world depends on great harmony and cooperation. The success of any species depends on its ability to cooperate across large groups. So far, humans have been able to use language and social structure to cooperate and make amazing technologies. It seems we have very little harmony within our politics, environment, and interpersonal relationships. The lack of harmony and cooperation is what’s needed to heal the world and it starts with you. How can you cooperate today?

Take a deep breath in. The minute we take a pause and a deep breath, oxygen fills our blood and our immune system immediately strengthens. You can use this spiritual practice to connect with your inner being, and bring a healing energy to your day.

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Hi, my name is Elsie. Thanks for visiting me here on Youtube. Spiritual Nuggets Daily is a daily meditation podcast that I make for my friends, loved ones, and anyone who needs words of love and affirmation throughout their day. These meditations come straight from my heart, and from years of experience dealing with a tough life. Listen to these with the intention of creating a positive mindset, building new habits, or simply to remind yourself you matter today. You are loved, appreciated, and needed 💜


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