Crazy health benefits of sauna by Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Dr. Rhonda Patrick dropping a bombshell on the amazing health benefits of frequent sauna use and its link to longevity.

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Stay healthy, folks.


36 thoughts on “Crazy health benefits of sauna by Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  1. Proteins assume 3 dimensional structures (tertiary structure). Deviations from optimal stucture(s) due to environmental conditions such as temperature affect function. HS proteins basically ensure that proteins function optimally by ensuring their optimal 3D shape.

  2. What world of these f**** live in where everything is so accessible an easy to getall the fancy vitamins they talked about all the crazy stuff they talked about doing most people can't afford like I said before go try to find a sauna somewhere good luck what's you join a very expensive spa most people can't afford that shittlike Laird Hamilton was on there talking about all this food seeds and all the f**** supplements and and stuff talk in a couple thousand dollars a month some people don't even make 500 a month to survive they're living on the streetsare there cars and act like this stuff is so readily available so matter a fact Lee they don't realize they're a bunch of privileged twats

  3. Listen to these rich privilege Tucker's go try to find a sauna most places don't have saunas what she go to fancy spawn spend a lot of money so most people can't afford this s*** you're talkin You privilege twats

  4. As a Fin most Fins don’t have dry Saunas per say they have the stoves that heat up the rocks then you throw a löyly which is just a bit of water on the stove which releases the steam which raises the temp higher than the 174 degrees Fahrenheit mention which is closer to like roughly 200, but either way I can’t recommend them enough

  5. Japanese people have their own version of a Sauna called an onsen. If you want to know what that is, its where you get into almost boiling water with a bunch of naked dudes.

  6. Unfortunately the sauna attracts old cunts who stink off piss and or like to dry shave themselves in it, which isn't allowed. Also weird fuckers who like to talk shit.

  7. This as usual showing most of the iinfo but keeping back the good stuff.What about how it is so good when rotated with cold showers with moving the lymphatic system which is the bodies garbage collector.This is then dumped out through the skin, the bodies biggest organ.Exercise and breathing techniques also move the lymph.

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