Consciousness, a Quantum Physics Perspective

Renowned quantum physicist, John Hagelin (PhD, Harvard), presents the thesis that consciousness is a unified field that contains nature’s programming code and transcending through meditation is a pathway to hack / access consciousness.


32 thoughts on “Consciousness, a Quantum Physics Perspective

  1. You know I'm not a religious person and in many ways I see the same problems with religion agnostic and atheist folks do. However I see a lot of closed minds on this blog!  Quantum Physics is really a very confusing field and in some ways its magic.  I mean Stephen Hawking's String theory sounds like science fiction to me.  The many universes in the multiverse with many earths and many copies of me and you doing the same thing or different things. Parallel universes actually proposed as a real scientific hypotheses by credible and well respected physicist yet to me it sounds so fantastical and something you only see in movies.  So to outright dismiss and denigrate a college professor of Physics at Harvard because he suggest the possibility that consciousness might have a quantum component or might be quantum is really childish and closed minded.  I have accepted the fact that when I die that could be it, poof, I'm gone.  I've also accepted that if death is an illusion and I wake up as me again in another universe I'll never realize it and I'll ask these questions for infinity.  But no one knows the nature of consciousness and what if theres a chance that death is an illusion and we, our consciousness, simply becomes aware in another universe, in another version of us on another earth in another dimension, in the multiverse.  What if this process goes on forever.  What if death is the illusion and our consciousness simply moves to our copy in the multiverse.  This is longer than I wanted and I guess to many of you I'm a nut.  Thats ok!  But Quantum Physics might as well be magic to the rest of us.  So I say if there is a multiverse with many earths, many copies of me then it stands to reason my consciousness exist in the multiverse too and if that is the case it is also likely that consciousness exist infinitely in some form.  Perhaps consciousness spreads the entire multiverse.  Good night!

  2. Shame on you Stanford for giving your name and platform pseudoscience and charlatanry.
    Shame on the attendees, there should have been some basic questions raised, like 'Do you have any testable hypotheses?'

  3. This is pretty basic. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras discuses half a dozen states of samadhi, each finer, and more difficult to achieve, that must be attained before the final union with consciousness: or to put it another way, transcending thought, is realised. The whole thrust of the argument is that when thought is controlled, i.e.: stopped, pure consciousness is experienced. Consciousness is always there but is masked by thought; remove the thoughts and pure consciousness is revealed. This is tricky because the mind is very reluctant to renounce thought, it is as if it fears that its whole existence is threatened. Intelligent or intellectual people tend to find this difficult because their sense of 'self worth' is invested in their pride over the quality and power of their intelligence.

  4. This is a brief overview of modern physics which is then used as analogy for meditation. The rest of this talk is a sales pitch to TM. What a huge waste of my time.. neither consciousness nor quantum phsyics got explained nor connected to each other. Stanford Uni, you just lost a bit of credibility.

  5. Wow. The speaker was in "What the Bleep Do We Know?" ? I guess the next lecturer will talk about tea leaf readings, numerology or chakras? Standford? Really? Anything for money I guess. This Hagelin guy is a snake oil salesman.

  6. Those bubbles, in my experience and in my own words, would represent emerging potentials of an intention or a thought, until you decide to evolve it and expand on it to bring to manifestation, it is not random. Each one of us is God, universal consciousness.

  7. Where Buddhism is concerned, there is no such thing as a universal consciousness.

    The Upanishads, where the Bhagavad Gita is part of, is not earlier than Early Buddhism. At best it is contemporary with Early Buddhism, and probably a reaction of the Vedic Brahmans to the ideas of the Sramana movement that Jainism and Buddhism belongs to. That would explain why a number of ideas in the Upanishads are contradictory to the Vedas. Yogic meditations were used by Sramanas and not by Vedic Brahmans.

  8. This is nonsense and has nothing to do with quantum mechanics. There is no QM even talked about except for the very most basic idea of the subject, given by people who are illiterate to the subject of QM.

  9. i find it quite amazing that scientist who are studying consciousness have come to the conclusion that the mind is a powerful tool and has a major effect on reality around us just as the spiritual world has always known. scientist have no where else to go when they realize that human observation has an effect on experiments. you have people sitting next to machines that average at 0, but when you put a human next to it and tell them to use their mind to change the outcome, it has a a huge impact on that outcome. with no human next to it it will average out indefinitley, the graphs dont lie. human consciousness is powerful. science teahces us that reality as we see it is just an illusion. were in fact finding out that our senses have mislead us. upon closer inspection we realize that reality isnt what we thought it was, and its so much more amazing than we could have ever thought.

  10. You can reach many of the stages you mentioned by simply changing brain chemistry. It can be accomplished by meditating or by drugs. Unfortunately it is not going to get you to understanding true reality.

    The main obstacle that prevents humans from experiencing true reality is our egos. Our egos keep us in rhythm with other humans and the evolution of our species and other life forms on our planet. If a person can overcome the ego obstacle he may have the ability to understand time,life and our universe.

    Here is an example of the stage of evolution that humans are in at this moment… 60 or so years ago we discovered the power of quantum physics. The first thing humans did with it was build a bomb and then they used it to blow up other humans. Shortly after they created mass amounts of electricity with it. This was all done before they found a way to deal with the waste that is produced by nuclear energy. I have over one million examples such as this that shows without a doubt that we are not an intelligent species. The illusion that we are intelligent is caused by our false egos.

    If you ever reach true reality you would not wish it on anyone else. It is not a happy type of experience and cannot be translated so others can understand it. But as I said before, It can only be accomplished by doing no harm to anyone or anything.

  11. "Field of unity" – made up
    "The fundamental reality is one of absolute simplicity" Really? Would that be your "Field of unity"?
    "The uncertainty principle is a principle of increasing dynamism" Making up your own physics?
    "Nuclear power is more powerful than chemical energy even though somewhat similar. Either you are clueless or believe that your audience is.
    Human consciousness is structured in layers in parallel with the structure of the physical universe. O.K. we know where this is going, we're done here.

  12. You can not hack consciousness, you are consciousness, consciousness is your spirit. Your body is just a mortal container for your consciousness, you can also be sure of the fact that you are not your mind either, your mind is molded by your environment and genetics you had no free will of choosing those factors. The question that remains is how to connect with your true self ( consciousness). I have the key. Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains how life works in every facet, it explains the big picture of life, including what consciousness is.

  13. I was under the impression that Buddhist called Samara "suffering" because "desire" exist in this state. What is "desire" if not a yearning for something other than what's present in this moment? What is an unquenchable thirst for "more" but suffering or a state of dissatisfaction?

  14. “In time We shall make them fully understand Our messages [through what they perceive] in the utmost horizons [of the universe] and within themselves, so that it will become clear unto them that this [revelation] is indeed the truth." [Qur'an 41:53]

  15. From Dr. Max Planck, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who discovered quantum theory: "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."-The Observer (25 January 1931)

  16. Hagelin believes that his extended version of unified field theory is identified with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's "unified field of consciousness", a view that is rejected by "virtually every theoretical physicist in the world"

  17. So much hate here the this must question that the physical brain is consciousness. If so, this will be an interesting presentation.
    Namaste and care,

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