Connecting with Mother earth & nature meditation

This presentation is offered in the spirit of unconditional love and as a service to all who would align themselves with the spirit of love, light & peace. Grounding with the earth is a powerful meditation.

This guided meditation includes a prelude which explains the importance of “grounding” into Earth. This goes for about 4 mins followed by a 20minute grounding meditation.
Connecting with Earth Meditation – Suzie Moore

Using breath, visualization and intention the practitioner is taken on an inner journey of deep connection to self, and Mother Earth. Utilizing a simple and powerful technique, connecting with light and life force energy to clear, balance and bring harmony to the body, emotions and mind. It has the affect of removing blocked energy, toxic energy and bring a feeling of physical strength and balance. It brings mental clarity and a feeling of peace and bliss while elevating consciousness and promoting a deep connection with the higher self while connecting to Earth. When we are grounded and connected into our Earth we come into alignment with the natural flow of nature. We come into alignment, balance and harmony with all of life! This is something that most of us are lacking, connection to our Earth. Disconnection is the root of many problems, physical, emotional and mental. It is so important that we get out into nature and ground ourselves but when we simply just can’t this meditation process can have the same positive affect.

Please note that this meditation can be practiced regularly with eyes closed or open. A beautiful visual presentation has been prepared to accompany the audio that can have a deeply relaxing effect that can in turn have a positive affect on body and mind.

It is recommended that this meditation is not to be practiced while driving or operating machinery.

The information and guidance given by facilitator Suzie Moore in this recording is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition of the body or mind. The facilitator makes no claims to this effect. If you are not sure of the suitability of this recording in any way, please consult a medical practitioner before use. All care is taken in the offering of this material and is offered for the purpose of inducing a deep state of relaxation. In no way should it be viewed as a substitute for conventional medical advice or treatment. The facilitator accepts no liability for its use and provides this material solely for recreational purpose.
Peace and Blessings. Suzie Moore

“Mesmerize” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Relaxing Piano Music” Kevin MacLeod (
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