Connect to your TRIBE – Guided Healing

This is a channelled guided healing from the Soul-Sister Tribe energies. This group of energies once walked and had originally come to earth to teach and awaken the feminine energy in all beings regardless of gender.

They had also mentioned that the human race was the most difficult yet the most rewarding species that they had encountered. They felt that they needed to remain with us through universal connection and pass on a way of life and thus the legend of Zoroaster began.

Zoroaster was a 30 year old man who traveled to the Daiti river to draw water for a traditional ceremony; when he emerged from the water, he received a vision from a diety along with other lords of worship. This vision radically transformed his view of the world, and he tried to teach this view to others which in todays traditional is about having Good Thoughts, communicating Good Words, and practicing Good Deeds. His values included spreading happiness through charity, and respecting the spiritual equality and duty of the genders. Research has Zoroaster dating back to the 6th Century BCE. (

Below is an excerpt of the guided healing transcript that was channelled.

Much love, Julie

“Welcome all to this healing journey to help you discover and connect to your Soul-Sister Tribe. As your time we aim to bring you into a space where you can begin to hear, feel and see us through using your intuitive senses.

We ask that you begin releasing your body and mind by gently closing your eyes and freeing your yourself from the days stresses.

Place your hands upon your body, one on your belly and one on your chest. Be still. Feel the beat of your heart, the movement of the belly, the rise and fall as you in hale and exhale the breath.

Begin to feel your body melt deep into the place where you are resting Continue to allow yourself to sink deeper feeling even more relaxed. Take note of the sounds that you can hear around you, close by and further away.

We come before you, the Soul-Sister Tribe. We come to you from our world to bring you guidance and strength in uniting in the power of feminine energy. This power, this strength can be felt by all infinite begins, without boundaries or limitations. This healing is for all beings who poses duality, masculine and feminine bodies, yin and yang energy, all are welcome and encouraged to connect and restore balance. To enhance a deeper connection to SELF and your purposeful journey, for you all have one.

We want to help you gain this balance and reconnect you with your Tribe for without balance, other connections can be compromised or even forgotten. We stand before you to lead you into the Kingdom of Forgiveness. This is integral on your journey in accepting your truth and your tribe. This Kingdom awaits you now!”

Title: Homeward Journey
Artist: Joseph Alesci

Title: Italy Mountains
Artist: Kordi Vahle


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