Colonic Irrigation

Colon cleansing (also known as colon therapy) encompasses a number of alternative medical therapies intended to remove feces and nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. Colon cleansing may take the form of colon hydrotherapy (also called a colonic or colonic irrigation) or oral cleansing regimens


42 thoughts on “Colonic Irrigation

  1. If you have an active system and shit 3 times a day like i do i doubt very seriously you NEED this. This is bull. I take bentonite clay and psyllium and i am not constipated ever . But for some ppl if they only shit once per week then yes they probably need this.

  2. Yeah… not sure I'd trust someone to carry out a semi medical procedure when they can't even get the web address in their video right… "halecinic"…

  3. As long as there's idiots eager to hand over their money, there'll be London clinics willing to suck the shit out of you. Get yourself a life you fake twat.

  4. Did she wipe the bitchs asshole with her finger when she took it out? No towel? What kind of place is this? Is this ran outta someone's apartment. Lol. I bet it is.

  5. The coffee just helps your bowel muscles to move, since its a stimulant, tests why everyone is always shutting in every coffee shop bathroom. Lol. This bitch is dumb. You have so many blood vessels in your colon the caffeine is absorbed through them it has nothing to do with the liver you dumb third world nurse. Im an ex heroin addict, you should be ashamed at your ignorance.

  6. If you feel that great after i would suggest having your bones professionally cracked, then get your colon cleansing treatment, lol you will have the best sleep of your life.

  7. All the idiot comments on here from trolls proves to me it is a good idea to cleanse todays toxic garbage out instead of being full of it like the trolls.

  8. And for the love of God people, stop putting coffee up your arses. If you are that worried about staining your teeth, shift to a different drink…not a different orifice.

  9. Never mind the fact that colonic hydrotherapy is associated with dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, vomiting, bowel disruptions, bowel ruptures, bacterial infections, brain swelling, renal failure, liver failure, vision problems, and death…I want to know how they clean the props being put up da' pooper? (and the props in contact with poop from da' pooper?)…it's all plastic so they can't autoclave it with wet or dry heat. Do they reuse plastic parts or chemically sterilize them? Do the people doing that have any certifications? Have staff been trained in regards to how infectious poop is and what needs to be done to avoid butt-swapping germs that can cause serious and life-threatening infections?

  10. I'm looking for that bowel vid somewhere that has that illustrated of a set of turds bouncing down the shit shoot. You know which one I'm taling about? Kinda funny, good animation but needs some fecal-slippage-music. Let me know. I know it's one of these coffee or beer enema vids. Even my young daughter loved seeing that funny turd just dancing around.

  11. "Would you like to feel energised and cleansed.." …..considering after she says that she feels like she needs a lie down, i doubt theres a feeling of being energetic!!!

  12. So bad for you. Removes the larger share of good bacterial colonies and can lead to massssiiive electrolyte imbalances that can kill someone with even the slightest unknown heart condition…. if even the sodium in a home enema has killed people then these perfection experts must have a good body count… oh wait that's why they are being sued by the 100s

  13. This dangerous. These places are not run by doctors. Baby companies and the maker of some of these devices are being surd. 72 people died due to inexperience non medical staff perforated the intestines. After that many women had to have surgery and recovery took months.
    This also causes the nerves on your intestines to stop working, therefore stopping the body's signal as to when you need to go. So now people are left consipated due to that lack of body signal letting you know to go.

    There is no health benefits only problems. You can cleanse by eating more foods rich in fiber and drinking more water.

    This is a money making business that can harm you even years down the road.

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