Christians Who Ended up in Hell Because of Willful Sin thought they were going to Holy Heaven
This man had a near death experience and saw lukewarm Christians who went to Hell for their sins that they had not repented of.


44 thoughts on “Christians Who Ended up in Hell Because of Willful Sin thought they were going to Holy Heaven

  1. Guys, don't ask for forgiveness in the comment section. Turn on some gospel music, sit and pray. Don't stop praying. Turn off the TV. Turn off your Xbox or Playstation and focus on him. Some great songs to listen to while praying are, "The King is Here", "Lead me to the Cross", "The Lord's Prayer", "Here's my Heart", "Open the Eyes of my Heart" and, "Fill me Up". Have a brother or sister or mother or father or pastor or grandparent or aunt or uncle pray over you. Cry out his Holy Name and say out loud, "I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit!" Read the Bible. There are three things you need to do each day to be in heaven. Word (Bible), Worship, and War (Prayer).

  2. a god that does this to fallible humans who made a mistake and were given this sort of second chance like the speaker himself doesn't deserve to be worshiped. sorry but not sorry for you getting special treatment.

  3. galatians 2:21, romans 4:47, 5:1 and many others state that this is not so. in the begging of galatians paul says he is shocked people are turning away from God's grace and going back to working for there salvation. now he did go on to say that those who think once ssved just donwhat i want dont really understand the grace of god because once you are free you are free from death and hell but also free from sin.

  4. I am 12 years old my names Kaitlyn and in my past I've done sinful things!!
    just now god showed me the way to repantance I have accepted Jesus as my lord and savior and that he died for my sins I confessed my sins from my mouth and I'm now going to be a way better person and spread the word that Jesus is on his way not soon but now❗️❗️ god bless you all and I hope you don't end up in a place like hell for all eternity❗️❗️ not only does this go for me but also for everyone on earth before it's too late❗️ i'll be praying for all of you God bless?????

  5. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT believing the lies of the devil.

     Satan has set up a mock heaven and mock hell and is taking believers to both places.

    Don't get me wrong these encounters ARE real and the people involved probably are telling the truth as they know it but it is just a lie from the pit of hell.

    If you accepted Jesus into your heart and were sincere you have been born again and SEALED TO THE DAY OF REDEMPTION.
    There are no surprises in heaven. Your relatives know you were saved and all of heaven ___rejoiced__ when you came to salvation.

    Rev: 3:20—– Ask Jesus into your heart. He loves you more,more, 1000000x more than you could ever understand.

    Check out Kat Kerr who HAS been to heaven 1000's of times. She mentions what's happening in numerous videos but this is one spot.

    search youtube for this:( at around 26:00 minutes it describes what is happening)
    Kat Kerr March 2017 – Star of David, Mark of the Beast, Copy Cat Satan

  6. We should fast! its important for a strong bond with Jesus! Start fasting, even if you only give up sugar or something. whenever your body wants to partake of what you are fasting from tell Jesus, "Lord, my hunger for you is greater!". The Daniel fast is eating only bread and water, for a period of time, and what a great man of God he was!

  7. Islam teaches that each person is born in a state of spiritual purity, but upbringing and the allure of worldly pleasures may corrupt us. Nonetheless, sins are not inherited and, for that matter, not even Adam and Eve will be punished for their sins, for God has forgiven them. And how can humankind inherit something that no longer exists? No, Islamicly speaking, all of us will be judged according to our deeds

  8. If you just face the facts and understand that sin can kill you whether you're Christian or not but can be rebuked through consistent repentance, you don't have to be so offended by this video. I actually find this comforting, because I now am warned. I now know that I don't have to be one of those deceived Christians and end up in hell. I can speak the truth to others and live life in consistent repentance and live for God knowing that it will be very well worth it. Very well done with this video.

  9. I Am not perfect no one is perfect and I might make the dumbest mistakes and I hope lord knows I have mercy for him and so does my family Plz bring me to heaven with u when I die I'm 9 I cry plz forgive my sins

  10. Repeat this over and over all day until you get tired then take a break for 20. Father I come before you in Jesus name I repent of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness.  On the 3rd night you will feel Jesus love peace and joy. Ask to be born again into a new creature of God. Ask to receive the holy spirit everyday.

  11. 1. How is it you went to hell for Sins when God's word says he keeps no record of wrongs.

    2. The Lazarus and Rich man story is a "parable".

    3. Why was not the original sinners Adam, Eve to pharaoh warned of this place?

    4. The theif on the cross said "remember me" Christ said today you will be with me in paradise.

    5. We all get resurrected like Christ,Christ was just the first of all of us to receive new glorified physical body

    6. I am glad I am immortal when I die and will not feel nothing but God's love for me.
    You went no were.

    children go to Her cause there is none

    Infant/child baptisms: Children are pure, innocent saints who do not need baptism, and must repent of their own sins of their own free will when they reach the age of accountability (8 years old)

     I would love too do a public debate with you. I believe people on here would love too see that.

    I not you would win the debate my friend.

  12. you know i wonder how this guy in hell knew the sins of all these people….was it written on there forehead or something.

    God cannot abondon us just because u dont believe in jesus… i believe just believing in God without worshiping his son is enough

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