Christian Meditation Music – Relax Mind Body – 7 Minute guided instructional


Christian meditation is simply focused thinking about God. The 7 minute meditative instruction puts a person into a natural relaxed state. In this state most people report clarity of mind and an increased ability to deal with the complexities of life that pushes most people over the edge.

The 7 minutes meditation is 100% free and helps you to decompress while letting go of burdens for a few minutes. Your mind is very powerful. Your mind will help you enter into the presence of Jesus Christ and become refreshed, strengthened, and energized.

The guided meditation includes, deep breathing techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, and inspirational visualizations of Jesus.

Once you download 7 minute meditation you can listen to it anywhere directly from your phone. An internet connection is not required.


3 thoughts on “Christian Meditation Music – Relax Mind Body – 7 Minute guided instructional

  1. I started doing music like this when I realised that no matter how fun mainstream music is the Lord wouldn't want us giving 3-5 minutes of our life to non-sense or for my case because of the environment I was raised in. Vulgar and degrading music. He wants us to sing and make music to him in our hearts so you ALREADY know his reaction to us reciting lyrics that aren't for him. Music nowadays is fun and catchy but if you have freewill you should use it for your souls good.

  2. Hi would you please listen to this audio i've put together.
    I use it for meditation or whenever i'm tempted to listen to mainstream music.
    This is for you who is stuck in a loop of literal "trap" music.

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