Chi Energy that Actually Works

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Chi Energy that Actually Works

When we are concerned and focused on, we send frequencies of dread and weakness through our body. The regular response of the body is to ensure itself. How? By straining the muscles that are identified with self assurance, for instance, the back and bear muscles.

The main activity of the Chi Experiment is to reestablish the vitality stream and discharge those pressures. You will discover exceptionally powerful unwinding systems here. These procedures are what you begin with and need to rehearse for some time.

In any case, the genuine work is in regular day to day existence, you’ll be more mindful of the way that you tense muscles that you don’t generally require at the present time, you’ll watch yourself doing it, and each time you will discover yourself straining a pointless muscle, you will unwind it. Thusly you will gradually, gradually fabricate yourself new propensities. That is the Chi Power Secrets.

At that point, one day, you will all of a sudden vibe that you are casual, considerably more than a year or a few prior, not absolutely yet, but rather the vitality streams much better officially through your body. Also, most likely it will fulfill the Energy Work you feel!

When you know about this and do the regular work of discharging strains as much as you can, you can begin utilizing your Chi Energy focus.


David Wong is one of the world’s rare influencers who has taken the personal journey of transformation of his body, mind and spirit.

He was stricken with a chronic illness for which conventional medicine had no cure – with the only answer being to take medication for the rest of his life… which unfortunately had undesirable side effects.

He refused to accept that as the only solution and sought out holistic methods to cure his disease. After trying almost every modality he could, some worked to an extent, some didn’t work at all, but none of them worked so well that he was able to say that he was completely cured. That was until he finally discovered a little known device developed by an underground inventor.

After much experimentation, he combined this new technology with taoist qi gong practice (translated literally as “energy work” from Chinese) with electromagnetic frequency technology and finally cured himself from the disease that he suffered from for many years.

Today, in order to help others achieve their highest potential, he is the developer of the Life Force Harmonizer™, a personal transformational device based on NASA-proven technology that integrates multi-disciplinary sciences together into one human performance enhancement system.

His Life Force Harmonizer™ system is ground breaking as it blends the ancient taoist principles with scientific research on body-electrics, genetic programming and technology assisted brainwave enhancement.

He continuously works with scientists, spiritual leaders, health practitioners and martial arts masters and has discovered that “life force” is the key to health for your mind and body, a balanced lifestyle, happiness and even your ability to manifest your ideas into reality and attract prosperity.

Having practiced meditation since 10 years old, he comes from a family with a deep martial arts heritage and has the ability to manipulate electro-magnetic energy through his qi gong training. In additional to being a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student and also 3rd Generation Ip Man Student, he has studied with many martial arts masters from around the world.

It is his passion and life goal to continually stretch his limits to attain super-human health, wisdom and prosperity while mentoring students in the process who are searching to change their own lives.

To start your own journey, download David Wong’s free ebook.

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22 thoughts on “Chi Energy that Actually Works

  1. The first person it appears he's doing trigger point on his wrist to do cross fiber activation and on a healthy human usually you're stronger on your second set of lifting than you are on your first because you have activated more of your motor neuron system so the second time you fire it to the same action your efficiency will be higher but usually for a shorter amount Of time. Then after 3 or 4 people have witness this the placebo effect kicks in

  2. I have a basic understanding how outside objects like an amulet might help a person. I myself have seen good benefits from one but it is not to be taken lightly. Food and eating habits must be taken extreme care for if you have such an amulet, talisman or medallion whatever you want to call it. Lesser eating of Junk and non-vegetarian food becomes necessary and alcohol is mostly a no-no because it'll also affect your metabolism and many different functions in your body and because of that it becomes necessary to keep your nonsense in absolute control else you are inviting death faster.

    Benefits include

    1.passive internal cleansing(faster than normal). It'll clean your nerves, veins, arteries and even your meridians thoroughly and more clean they are, the lighter you feel.
    2.better sensitivity
    3.brighter mood and anxiety, stress and fears cannot take root in you
    4.higher energy throughout the day due to nervous cleansing(it might go overboard)
    5.deep levels of elemental cleansing which you might not even know are happening.
    6.The rise of intellect. Comprehending things will happen in a jiffy. Intuition will soar.
    7.You will have BP of an athlete even without doing as much work as one.

  3. chi energy para sa akin ay makakamit ng isang tao ang chi energy., malabanan ang takot anumang uri ng takot sa loob ng katawan tulad ng pag akyat sa matataas na lugar o pagkatakot sa madidilim na lugar ang energy ng body ng tao ay tinatawag kung panglabas na energy nakukuha lang ito sa pag exercise .

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