Channeled Message from Jesus: The Bible

Listen to Gina Lake channeling Jesus in a message that was part of regular Saturday and Sunday online gatherings where Christ Consciousness Transmissions (CCTs) are offered by Gina and her husband, Nirmala. These transmissions of higher consciousness will assist you in awakening to your true nature as Awareness, Oneness, and Love. Add a sentence here like: This message explores the…. Or shares the….or something about the particular message that is relevant.

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Thanks for your interest in our videos. We are dedicated to helping you be here now, live a happy and fulfilled life, and awaken. The channeled messages, book excerpts, and guided meditations from Jesus here on our YouTube channel are based on universal truth, not on any religion. We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we enjoyed making them!

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Gina has been channeling since 1989, and in 2012, she began channeling Jesus (aka Yeshua). She now shares his wisdom in our twice weekly online Christ Consciousness Transmissions and also in more than 10 books that she has channeled for Jesus:

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A NOTE FROM GINA LAKE: I receive the channeled messages, guided meditations, and spiritual books from Jesus (aka Yeshua) in the same way that Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which is also said to be channeled by Jesus. This method of receiving information is called conscious channeling. When I’m channeling Jesus, it’s as if Jesus is sitting in a chair next to me speaking the words, except that this channeled spiritual guidance is heard mentally. Many other channelers and spiritual teachers have also received spiritual wisdom and new age information from spirit in a similar way, including Esther Hicks (Abraham), Tina Louise Spalding, Paul Selig, Pamela Aaralyn, Jane Roberts (Seth), Darryl Anka (Bashar), St. Teresa of Avila, St. Hildegard of Bingen, and Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God).

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Jesus (aka Yeshua) has asked Gina and her husband, Nirmala, to make themselves available as instruments of his transmission. They are simply acting as antennas for this universal force of higher consciousness. Christ Consciousness Transmission is an opportunity to experience a direct transmission of love and healing, accelerate your spiritual growth, and awaken to a new level of well-being, wisdom, and Awareness. Christ Consciousness Transmissions take place online every Saturday at 5:00 pm Pacific time and every Sunday at 11:00 am Pacific time. Sessions are about an hour long and include a channeled message from Jesus followed by a 20-minute energetic transmission to help you awaken to your higher self and your true nature as Oneness. Information about the weekly transmissions, including details about how to join the online gatherings, is here:

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GINA LAKE is a nondual spiritual teacher and the author of over twenty spiritual books. Her teachings are most similar to Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and other nondual spiritual teachers and spiritual teachings. Her spiritual books, guided meditations, spiritual audiobooks, and channeled messages from Jesus are based on universal truth, not on any religion.


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