Chakra Shuddhi (Complete) – Shakti Tantra Meditation to Purify the Chakras

Chakra Shuddhi is the tantric technique for purifying your subtle bioenergy centers, or Chakras. This practice from Shakti Tantra will empower you to transcend to higher states of awareness, as your intuition becomes more acute and you become increasingly more purified and sensitive to the ecstatic bliss of your awakening Prana Shakti.

The chakras are the organs of the energy body, responsible for channeling Prana (life-force / vitality) to your physical body. These bioenergy centers are also the frequencies of the various levels of the mind, as you purify and ascend through these chakras – you are transcending your previous mental patterns and habits, awakening to ever deepening levels of bliss and serenity.
This practice is an essential part of Kundalini Yoga, as each chakra must be purified and awakened before the Kundalini Shakti can ascend. Each individual chakra is stimulated, purified and awakened using the Prana of the breath together with the highly potent bija mantras. Finally, the chakras are awakened consecutively as you experience increasing bliss overflowing from the blossoming lotuses of Prana Shakti.
This practice increases the influx of energy within the body/mind complex. The resulting burst of Prana Shakti adds a high voltage of energy to the brain, removing mental dissipation and preparing the mind for one-pointed meditation.

Benefits of Chakra Shuddhi:
Overcome negative thought patterns.
Experience expansive bliss and ecstacy.
Steady the mind and relieve mental dissipation.
Increase the flow of energy in the body and mind.
Purify your mind.
Awaken to the self-born bliss of your Prana Shakti.
Develop concentration.
Clear the path for fruitful meditation.
Prepare yourself for Kundalini awakening.
Heighten your intuition.
Become more sensitive to the bliss of Prana Shakti.
Strengthen your practice of Pranic Healing.

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34 thoughts on “Chakra Shuddhi (Complete) – Shakti Tantra Meditation to Purify the Chakras

  1. Hi, can you please upload the same meditation with a different background music. I would really appreciate it. Many thanks. My favourite is the yoga nidra fruit tree. I love the soothing music.

  2. hi I can feel the chakras activated like I can sense the energy where ever I focus, after chakra activation how long does it take for kundalini to rise and is there any specific diet for energy to rise .

  3. this practices are very good similar as teached by Swami Satyananda. its also very good advice for those who cannot sit in Siddhasana to sit on rolled up socks. Chakra Shuddhi is one of practices to purify chakras and to master good perception of chakra positions, all this as preparation for Kundalini Kriyas which then trigger awakening of Prana Shakti (Kundalini) Swami Satyananda is only Enlightened Guru who gave all those advance practices so generously avaiilable to sincere Sadhaks, he did not hesitate cause He knew that in case of those who are not ready those practices will not work ! It is very important according to Swami to purify well whole body, chakras, nadis, harmonize pingala and ida ..before Kundalini wake takes place to avoid any damage. This practice is very good cause we purify all chakras at once and also sushumna, thank you for this. also music is too loud compared to voice specially at higher chakras is getting louder and faster as often ragas are, they start very slowly and calm and then are faster and faster and louder. Hari Om

  4. thank you for the meditation, it is very nice very and helpful visual as well. Could you please write the mantras in English above in description. It is difficult to hear what exactly they are..

  5. Amazing video! Great animation. Just what i was searching for… THANK YOU!
    One question, are we supposed to contract the anus only for the first chakra or all of the chakras?

  6. Another awesome video, Tripura – some of your videos are confusing with all of the terminology, but this one was a little more gentle for us still new / learning the terminologies. ;P

  7. thank you, conscious awareness of breathing is also a spiritual practice of  the awakening  to who we are as spiritual  divine  energy beings, and humanity  awakening is what  we know  as the coming of Christ,  the world uniting  in compassion and peace .

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