Chair Yoga for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Eyes, Wrists for Home or Office

This is a 5 minutes Chair Yoga routine that can be done at home or office. You can also turn on the subtitles to watch without sound.

It includes exercises for Eyes, Neck, Shoulders, Wrists and Back.

Eyes: 4 exercises for relaxing the eye muscles which get tired due to excessive strain from working on computers and phones.
– Blinking eyes repeatedly for moisturizing the eyes
– Look at a point close by and away for relaxing eye muscles
– Looking side to side
– Rotating eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction

Neck: Isometric exercise for relieving neck pain and strengthening neck muscles

Shoulders: Shoulder rotations for countering hunched shoulders

Wrists: Wrist extensions for relaxing wrist muscles strained due to typing

Back: Back extensions and backbends for relaxing the spine


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