Knowing The Difference Between Gain and Loss – Samurai Principle Number 5 – A Book of Five Rings

Distinguish Between Gain And Loss In Worldly Matters. (Miyamoto Musashi) Distinguish – To recognize as distinct or different. Recognize the salient or individual features or characteristics of. To perceive clearly by sight or other sense. To discern Between – Distinguishing one from the other. Gain – To get something desired, especially as a result of one’s efforts. To acquire as…

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How to Attract Good Luck Using Gifts From the Earth

Nature has given us the biggest gift ever, that is the power to bring good luck into our lives by using the own nature as a conductor. Gems, stones, plants, essences, you named it! People like me call it Earth gifts from God. Raw materials or primary materials (wood, metal, stones, etc) were given to us as an opportunity to…

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How To Choose Between Between Crystal Singing Bowls and Metal Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are known for their beautiful sound and their usefulness in meditation, relaxation, spirituality, and healing. However, not all of them are created equal and they come in a wide variety of sounds, sizes, and types. When you are looking to buy a bowl for yourself, the material you choose is one of the first factors to keep in…

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How to Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery – Grow Your Own Breasts Quickly

Woman always want to look beautiful and boobs increase the beautifulness of a women. But when the boobs are small no one pays attention to it. Big boobs are always the matter of attraction. So what a woman wants to have a big boobs. Small boob’s girls are always tensed that they have small boobs. Don’t get tensed. Boobs size…

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How to Increase the Memory Power of Your Brain in 3 Easy Ways

Learning how to increase the memory power of your brain is one of the best things you can do to change your life. All knowledge is nothing but memory. If only people were scientifically taught to memorize in schools we would not have to spend time reading blogs. It is a well-known fact that all the memory giants have worked…

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The Six Fundamental Business Goals and Objectives Necessary For Success

There are six fundamental business goals and objectives necessary for success. The first thing you need to be aware of is that any online business or conventional business needs Six fundamentals to exist to be ultimately successful: A product or service that provides a solution to a problem or a physical or emotional benefit (obviously important); Demand – If there…

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Zhan Zhuang – 5 Standing Meditation Exercises For Health and Martial Arts

Zhan zhuang translates as “standing like a tree” and is an ancient Chinese practice for cultivating internal energy. Originally used for developing the minds and spirits of martial artists, it was also found to be profoundly beneficial for general health and well-being, and a wonderful relaxation aid. Nowadays, zhan zhuang is used both by practitioners of the Chinese martial arts…

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Are You Results Or Technique-Oriented? Life Mastery and a Lesson From the Art of the Ninja!

What do you focus on when you are trying to accomplish a goal? Do you focus on the goal and the results that you’re trying to achieve, or do you concentrate on the way you go about doing what you’re doing to make it happen? These are important questions, especially of you’re looking to be able to accomplish your goals…

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