Cancel Marriage: Merav Michaeli at TEDxJaffa

Merav Michaeli discusses the institution of marriage as an out-of-date and un-evolved concept in modern society. Examining history and the traditional roles of men and women as they play out in modern society, Merav explores ways in which society could find itself even more enlightened by canceling the old-school concept of traditional marriage for a new and more culturally appropriate alternative.

Merav is an op-ed writer for “Ha’aretz” newspaper, a lecturer of communications in various colleges and a social activist. Recognized for her advocacy and public activism for women’s rights, she is one of Israel’s most prominent journalists and host of prime-time television entertainment talk shows.

Known for her ability to consistently challenge views and positions, she has been the star of her own two-hour daily radio talk show, television current event magazine hour, and documentary series. Her career has also spanned into the world of comedy and political satire, guest starring in programs such as Israel’s equivalents of “Saturday Night Live” and Bill Maher’s “Politically Incorrect.”

Merav also founded and presides over the national lobby to advance the struggle against sexual assault in Israel.


39 thoughts on “Cancel Marriage: Merav Michaeli at TEDxJaffa

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  2. Empty ancient social traditions and linguistic origins of words aren’t remotely a good reason to abolish marriage. Sure, we should toss out tax benefits for marriage and other financial benefits but this is extreme. In any case, in the US, the family law system favors women over men. Frankly, this is much ado about nothing.

  3. Terrible message. What a misguided woman. She does not understand the value of a marriage and of a family. Men and women are not the same. Marriage was intended a a sacred covenant between an honest, faithful man and a loving, generous woman, for the good of their children. Her materialistic world view is incapable of recognizing the true value of marriage. Watch out for intelligent sounding people who are arguing to bring down two of our most important institutions: Marriage and Family.

  4. wow, i rarely comment, but this was one of the dumbest talks i have seen. she is the perfect example of an idiotic feminazi who is looking at men from a perspective that is two decades old.

  5. The other part of invisible work is delayed payment. Women can do anything they want, when the plug is pulled the paychecks come rolling in. After 25 years of marriage my wife got a boyfriend and my whole 401k just so I could keep my paychecks, to payoff our upside down mortgage. Women will be worse off without marriage, because then they won't get any money in the divorce.

  6. Wow, we know that there are problems in the institution called "marriage". But in order to cancel it we must find a "strongly appealing" new "default" arrangement. Otherwise it will continue to be "the default one".

  7. Humans are social being . Man are men and women are naturally attracted to one another . I disagree with forced or arranged marriage but everything other relationship is an agreement between 2 grown up people. Whatever is done by choice is ok. And plus no one is forced to stay in something they don't like .

  8. Marriage is a business. People marry for selfish reasons.
    Love is a law of vibration and
    Unconditional love is greater than conditional love. This is why trust is broken so easily when someone breaks the terms of the contractual agreement. What a messed up system

  9. I've been wondering about marriage. I never jumped on  board.  It makes me think of slavery.  However, I benefited from a family structure.  One time I worked with troubled youth and found that the institution they were housed in was no match for a one on one with a personal family.  I lived in a children's home (not bad) and foster homes (better than nothing) but my adoptive home was a home.

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