Can You Heal a Herniated Disc?

Chad Madden, owner of Madden Physical Therapy, explains questions surrounding herniated discs and sciatica.

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36 thoughts on “Can You Heal a Herniated Disc?

  1. I don't believe you can heal a herniated disc fully to its original state. I believe you can heal it somewhat to the point it can relieve pain but I don't believe it can attain its original height

  2. what are your thoughts on spinal decompression therapy? I have done about 6 sessions and felt improvement but it seems to have stagnated. My L4-5 is a diffuse disc bulge as is my L5-s1

  3. Yes, they will heal. I herniated my L5-S1 30 years ago and now my L4-L5 about 4 years ago. they take awhile to heal and you need to keep active. But the disc will resorb. In my case it took about 1 year to have just as many good days as bad days but after 2 years I was 90% healed and now I have almost no problems. At almost 57 years old, I'm still lifting things, riding motorcycles, etc.

  4. Im herniated L4/L5 just like in your video, its shooting out more left side… I have no leg pain and no shooting pains it's completely isolated in the back. It is causing stenosis and im showing early signs of arthritis… im 29 years old…. Original injury was roughly 9 months ago, about 2 months ago it got to the point where I could bearly walk and had my MRI… 2 weeks ago was my appt with the neurosurgeon. I went to Vidant in Greenville NC… he didn't recommend any types of surgey because I wasnt having shooting pains, he said it appeared to be healing itself already and he recommended core training, yoga and stretching… i go back in 3 months for a follow up. I will says pain meds didnt help but celebrex took all the inflammation out which helped me to be able to slowly train again

  5. OK.Why don't you tell us exactly what do you do to restore buldged disc?? is it spinal decompression? Is it exercise? What is it?

  6. If anyone is interested in relieving sciatica pain naturally the greatest results that I have had was with the Barneys Back Aid (just google it) – without a doubt thebest resource that I have ever followed.

  7. does constant sharp pain on the shoulder and in between, be a sign of herniated disk?

    i grabbed on an over head bar at the gym and tried to lift my fit above my head, my body swung back abit further than it should, I had a burning sensation on my right shoulder blade and my shoulders have been hurting ever since, a pain that comes and goes like muscle soreness but way more intense it goes all the way to my neck and arms and sometimes I get chills down my spine.

    it's been for about 4 days and I don't think is getting better, I feel just as sore as the first day I am scared

  8. Hi Chad. I'm 24 years old and i have lower back pain. My MRI results says I have a small 2mm central disc bulge with posterior annular tear on L5-S1. I've been undergoing Physical Rehabilitation Therapy for over 3 weeks and my condition really improved. Almost 80 to 90% of the pain is gone. I just want to know, will my bulging disc heal permanently?

  9. At 00:56, Madden PT says: "in the center, there's a hard bony like substance that's your disc, and then it's surrounded with a gel".

    That's completely wrong.

    Madden PT, please admit and correct your mistake

  10. can you heal your herniated disc? No you can't, I've done everything for almost 4 years and nothing helps. Just every doctor want to such your money. then after i lose all the money. I will not do the surgery.

  11. Disc herniation is one B*&C$ that changes an active life into a huge question mark ! Willit heal – some say oh yeah , Some say hell no live with it for life . Damn it kinda sucks oscillating between hope and despair . For anyone involved in jobs that require physical agility this pretty much seems like end game or not ? 2 months still recovering . Well shit does happen

  12. my right toes feel numb after any exercise and so does my right hand . ive had pain for 2 years now in my right side of my spine and cant sit down for long . all I can do is take paracetamol as nothing works anymore

  13. Yes, Mr Madden is "correct" you can heal herniated disc. I myself had herniated disc to the point that ended up at Hospital unable to walk. I was told i needed surgery and i refused but did get an epidural steroid injection so i was able to walk. I then went in for physical therapy and with combination of stretches and exercise I was able to regain full movement and strength on by back. Its been 6 yrs, no surgeries and no back problems i continue doing the stretch exercises.

  14. Hi Chad, i couldn't agree more with you and thank you for educating us! I had terrible sciatica pain for about 2 months until my father showed me to do Mackenzie exercise to push the disc forward. Like you said my pain through centralisation was no longer in my buttocks anymore only just a little on the nerve around L5 S1 disc. I had my MRI done and the report says I don't have disc herniation but little disc protrusion. I'm still doing Mackenzie exercise everyday. Does that mean that doing Mackenzie regularly will eventually sooner or later push the disc back to its place? At least in my case where I have less than disc herniation or minor disc herniation which just happens to touch the nerve

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