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Radhakrishna Chinthanipula, this is a video for you

Can we substitute Sleep with Meditation?

No, Radhakrishna

We cannot as human beings substitute sleep with meditation or

Meditation with sleep

These two are complementary to each other.

Meditation helps you to go to Theta, Delta and Alpha levels of frequency

Below 14 cps

The purpose of meditation is to realize oneself

To remove contaminations in the soul such as

Ego, illusions and sin imprints with the

Power of expiation, neutralization, and superimposition.

Sleep is essential for us to repair our body and

Store short term memory and

Generally feel energetic and

Replenish our bodily energies the next day.

If you deprive yourself of sleep for one day

For 24 hours

You will feel drowsy

Extremely tired

Nervous weaknesses.

If you deprive yourself of sleep for 48 hours

You will have severe memory loss –

short-term memory loss will be clearly experienced

You will not remember what happened in the past 48 hours

You will remember most of the things in 48 hours.

If you do not sleep for 72 hours, you will have nervous debility

Nervous disorders and psychosis

You could get into serious health issues and mental complications

It is believed by scientists for 11 full days

256 hours

No one has ever tried as far as I know

One or two days of lack of sleep can cause complications

Why do you want to risk it?

Meditation will increase the amount of energy you could store in the body

The energy will be a spiritual energy

Physical energy is required in terms of biomagnetism

To replenish cells in the body so that

The body cells can digest food

Absorb nutrition

Eliminate waste and

Live healthily and long

To sustain life

Meditation will not eliminate sleep

Regular meditation will normalize sleep pattern

An adult human being requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep

Average of 8 hours of sleep is required for health

Radhakrishna, thank you for inspiring the video

Be blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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