Can Meditation Reduce Blood Pressure?

Can Meditation Reduce Blood Pressure?
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Be Blessed by the Divine
A Normal Human being with a normal blood pressure
without much of a struggle
If a person who is born with a high blood pressure problem
or an increase in blood pressure due to
various health and lifestyle reasons
will seek a solution
preferably a non-invasive
passive treatment
with which one can naturally
without medication
reduce the blood pressure to normal levels
This is quite a normal expedition for many today
The modern way of living has increased BP for many
In this video let us explore
If the meditation alone can reduce your blood pressure levels to normal
without any other intervention
What is meditation?
Focusing your mind on your own life-force
Kundalini Meditation
You will be able to go to subtle levels of frequency
Which will calm your mind
This is an immediate benefit of meditation
When your mind is calm and peaceful
It has a telling effect on your blood pressure
Normalizing to a healthy human average
This is the biggest benefit
Every scientific study has given us
In the last 10 years or so
Of Conducting research on high BP
By teaching them meditation
And observing them
Careful medical observation
Research has proven that
Meditation alone cannot lower BP to normal levels
Three important changes are required
And a few small changes also required
2. Food
Diet plays a big role in blood pressure level
Especially the salt level
An average human being
Adult human being
Is recommended by WHO standards
To have not more than half a teaspoon of salt every day
Which is available in natural forms in
You really don’t need to buy salt whatsoever
Any amount of extra salt in the food
will increase the blood pressure
I am not saying this
WHO is saying this
Moderate your diet
Reduce your salt intake
Increase natural food intake
Follow whole food plant-based diet
Learn and follow
Kundalini diet
Natural diet
Healing diet
Automatically reduce blood pressure
2. Meditation
3. The mind has to be taken care
INcrease will power
Meditation will help you
Analyzing the root causes of worries
Eliminating them
Eradicating them
With the power of superimposition
And sublimation
With the help of autosuggestion
Through introspection
Will help you to succeed
In calming the nerves
Which will help you to reduce your blood pressure
4. Sleep pattern
You must sleep deeply for about 7 hours every day
For a normal healthy human being
If you are sick
Or a woman
You must sleep for 8 hours a day
Especially for women
Sick & Old people
Need an extra hour
These are the four important things
Work plays an important role
Physical exercises also play an important role
Sex also plays an important role in
Maintaining blood pressure
Our Simplified Kundalini Yoga system
Given to us our guru
Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi
Has a set of simplified yoga exercises
Which I have provided them in
Learn exercises for free
Video demonstration available
No credit card required
Sign up with your email id
Watch the video
Do the exercises
Kayakalpa Yoga is taught in
2,500+ SKY Yoga centers worldwide
It will help you to transmute
sexual energy into spiritual energy
Control over your obsessive sexual behaviors
I hope the video is useful in learning
The most important aspect of your life
When you meditate
All of these will materialize in your life
Your will power increases
With will power, you can easily
Decide to change your
Sexual habits
Thank you for being there
What are your methods of reducing Blood Pressure
Is there any unique method
Do comment
I will see you in the next video
Be Blessed by the Divine
Krish Murali Eswar

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