Can Maya hinder our devotion to God? Retreat Q&A with Swami Mukundananda

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Can Maya hinder our devotion to God?Can Maya Infiltrate Bhakti? If so how it can be prevented? An attendee asks a question in Question & Answer session during retreat with Swami Mukundananda.

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8 thoughts on “Can Maya hinder our devotion to God? Retreat Q&A with Swami Mukundananda

  1. I did not know that doing devotion can also make the heart impure, but Swamiji explained it well, we should guard against ego and pride that enter into us as a result of doing devotion.

  2. Excellent explanation! We are all under Maya till God-realization, hence flawed and incomplete. Sincerity in realizing our faults and correcting them is important while engaging in bhakti, so that we may keep moving ahead steadily.

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