Can Low Frequency Sound Waves Make You Sick?

Loud noises can give you a headache, but scientists think it’s the sounds we can’t even hear that are making us sick. What’s infrasound?

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Noise pollution: non-auditory effects on health
“Noise is a prominent feature of the environment including noise from transport, industry and neighbours. Exposure to transport noise disturbs sleep in the laboratory, but not generally in field studies where adaptation occurs.”

Noise exposure as a factor in the increase of blood pressure of workers in a sack manufacturing industry
“Workers in manufacturing industries are exposed to noise generated by the manufacturing processes that results in auditory and non-auditory effects on them. This study assessed the relationship between exposure to noise and blood pressures.”

Sick Building Syndrome: Acoustic Aspects
“Low-frequency noise, centred around a frequency of about 7 Hz, was found to occur in several office rooms investigated. Symptoms resulting from exposure to infrasound can include fatigue, headache, nausea, concentration difficul ties, disorientation, seasickness, digestive disorders, cough, vision problems and dizziness.”

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49 thoughts on “Can Low Frequency Sound Waves Make You Sick?

  1. We are living in constant infrasound from the local power plant, 6 to 15hz about 100db in our home, the government and the local authorities don't care about it, my wife is seriously ill now cause to the infrasound, the sound can be heard 20km away from the plant, there had been a firm (sweco) out at our house and had been measuring the noise, they cheated on the measure method in the way they did in logaritmisk and not linear, the result was that the noise was under 30db instead of the 100db we are living in, it is the government and there heating system here in Denmark, the power plant (heating) are not constructed well, they now all about the problem but they don't care about the people in Denmark, my wife don't sleep a lot, the last 3 years se had to sleep in the living room on the sofa sitting up, if she is lucky she gets about 1 hour rest through the night, the infrasound going through the head and lungs and sometimes thug the heart if the frequency is about 8hz, the heart ambulance have been her twice for my wife, our life is shattered completely, we can't afford to move and our income is so low so if we move we will never get a house again, I'm so afraid of what is going to happen to my wife that I can't stand it anymore. Peace and love to all the good people out there.

  2. The woman above my room has bought a tower fan, it is putting out an infrasound wave that is bothering my eardrum and vibrating my skull, but there is not audible sound. it gives a slight nausea and a weird feeling of being on a ride. i can feel the movement of the fan in my head, like a back and forth force pulling me. I can't sleep in my room now and she knows about it. She did put the fan on a chair for me but it has not quit propagating the infrasound wave..When she turns off the fan, the feeling of head pressure is gone and i feel relief. i think our society is pretty ignorant in that we sell objects that create harm like this and deny it does.
    Not impressed. You could spend half a million on a condo and be exposed to this with a tough road ahead if you want to sue to stop the situation. People know their phones work tapping into something they cannot see, but if you can't occupy a room due to an infrasound problem, you are nuts…..

  3. That low frequency booming bass sound that rappers make, gives older people intense headache when those cars go by..well soon cops & military personnel will have a weapon that works the same way.Point it at those a**hole rappers & watch them drop to their knees! Give them a piece​ of their own medicine! This low power full Sound laser can actually kill a wanna be rapper! Jerks!

  4. Thanks for posting. I'm one of the few who can hear very low frequencies. I'm not sure it has any long term health effects on humans, but i can tell you it is a loud and annoying type of sound that travels distance, through objects and is difficult to block out. It is present in many areas, always man made. I have noticed others who complain of tinnitus tend to do so when the low frequencies are loudest.

  5. The nausea and sickness some times also high blood pressure and general malaise some people feel when they are exposed to deep
    frequencies is called "The X effect"

    It is presumed that "The X effect" occurs when an untrained ear is listening to the deep and distorted Dubstepdrops from Excision.

    "The X effect" get more intense as Volume increce and distance to the source decrease.

    "The X effect" often starts to make the subjekt feel better after a few minutes after intense listening and leads to start random dances to the strange sounds from Excision.

  6. I think people who are complaining about physical effects of emissions from smart meters (which can't be measured) are probably experiencing low frequency noise from a grow op with ventilation on stealth or a poorly installed or maintained heat system (which can be measured)

  7. My neighbors point their speakers with infrasound at me. I don't hear the bass, but they make my eye twitch and my muscles spasms. How can I prevent that from happen and which materials do I need?

  8. Hey Guys,
    could you do a video on Alpha waves and if it really boosts creativity. I've heard and read so much about it and there are plenty of you tube videos for studying, but I''m curious, what you will have to say about the subject. Many say, classical music increases the concentration, now it's alpha waves. Could we talk about this once and for all?

  9. Can confirm that since I use ear buds and an industrial grade pair of protective headphones (those used in construction around loud machines) the sound of my own computer became inaudible (specially if you go all out and have some quiet white noise playing) so much so I rarely get a headache anymore.

  10. when im laying in bed at night,when there is no traffic,noise pollution,ect….. I've live in the country,i hear sounds,like beeping,that are in my ear, i believe to be some type of natural sound waves from something.

  11. Sigh…

    So, there are a few things that Julia sort of conveniently forgets to mention here. For starters, Sick Building Syndrome isn't really a "thing" in the sense that you would expect. It's a somewhat weakly evidenced occurrence of some symptoms that are necessarily self-reported and, as such, are often psychophysiological in origin. In short, we don't actually know that it exists. It's kind of really irresponsible to talk about it like it's a thing clearly understood and acknowledged by science at large.

    More significantly…you're going to cite the "journal" of the SPR? Really? REALLY? The SPR is – at the very best of times – a barely scientific endeavor. Most of the time, they fall considerable short of that mark (for instance, they're responsible for the Scole Report – one of the most devastatingly terrible exercises in pseudoscience you could hope to find). They are not an authoritative source on anything, and IF you're going to cite them, you REALLY need to point out precisely how little respect they can lay claim to.

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