Breath Meditation (9 26 15) Outside Studio Zhazhee in Savannah, GA

Short breathing meditations of 1 – 2 minutes is what “our world needs now” to express Love Sweet Love – THE ONLY THING THAT THERE’S JUST TOO LITTLE OF! During my 44 yrs. of yoga teaching & massage therapy, I’ve found that any Human Being can “return to Love,” when they get upset or out of balance, merely by allowing their mind and body to have a minute or two to BREATHE OUT SLOWLY, & even allow a sound to spontaneously occur! We call this a “SIGH OF RELIEF, OR BLOWING IT OFF” in our English figures of speech. Give your Self & cells the “gift of a Breath” this very day,and know you’ve blessed all humankind and all life as you do, since “When we are healed (of separation from Love) we are not healed alone! A Course in Miracles


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