Brain Hemisphere Synchronization – 2 – Whole Brain Synchronization – Enhance Cognition – Meditation

Headphones are highly recommended but not required. Please take the time to properly set your volume to a low and comfortable level. For optimal results, you should listen to this while resting with your eyes closed.

Neural entrainment is also known as brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization. It is the theory that our brains have a tendency to synchronize themselves to external stimulation, which could include auditory, visual, tactile or electromagnetic stimuli.

The human brain contains approximately 80+ billion neurons which communicate with each other to form our thoughts, emotions and behavior. When our neurons communicate in mass, it produces a synchronized electrical pulse known as a brainwave. Our brainwaves can align with an external stimuli, and as a result we can stimulate our brains in ways that could positively effect our psychology and physiology. This is an effective method which allows you to experience what these states feel like, and how they affect the body.

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– Brain Hemisphere Synchronization 1:

Brain hemisphere synchronization may result in increased cognitive performance. There are many potential benefits, but the primary intentions for this video is to:

– Build new neural pathways and strengthen existing ones

– Stimulate, synchronize and synergize both brain hemispheres for increased cognitive capabilities and capacity

– Aid in the development of concentration, learning, and memory

– Balance moods by reducing stress hormones and increasing production of “feel-good” neurotransmitters and hormones

The cerebral hemispheres are divided into a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. These hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick band of 200-250 million nerve fibers called the corpus callosum. Each hemisphere of the brain is dominant for other behaviors. During meditation, the corpus callosum becomes deeply stimulated. New foundations of neural pathways are built which allows both hemispheres to communicate in sync and to a higher degree.

The right side of the brain controls muscles on the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls muscles on the right side of the body. Also, in general, sensory information from the left side of the body crosses over to the right side of the brain and information from the right side of the body crosses over to the left side of the brain.

The brain consists of three main parts: the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem.

The cerebrum: composes most of the brain, in simplified terms it is involved in thinking, problem solving, memory, feeling and movement.

The cerebellum: located at the back of the brain, under the cerebrum. In simplified terms, it controls coordination and balance.

The brain stem: sits below the cerebrum and in front of the cerebellum. In simplified terms, it connects the brain to the spinal cord and controls automatic functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and digestion.

The brain is separated into four lobes: the frontal, temporal, occipital, and parietal lobes.

The frontal lobe: involved in problem solving, discernment, memory, language, personality, empathy, concentration, motor function, and social behavior.

The temporal lobe: involved in creative insight, memory acquisition and skills, organization of sensory input such as auditory, visual perception, language comprehension, verbal organization, long-term memory, and personality.

The occipital lobe: the center of our visual perception system. It is involved in visuospatial processing, hallucinations, illusions, discrimination of movement and color.

The parietal lobe: One region involves sensation and perception. The other region involves integrating sensory input. It is involved in writing, mathematics, language, visual perception, spacial navigation, memory, personality.

The right hemisphere is considered the feminine or chaotic side of the brain and is generally responsible for: creativity, intuition, visualization, musical abilities, spacial abilities, non-linear thought, facial recognition and is dominant in the control of emotional processing and expression.

The left hemisphere is considered the masculine or orderly side of the brain and is generally responsible for: organization, logic, analytical, scientific, calculatory, linguistic, and mathematical thought, in addition to practical, linear, and time-oriented thinking strategies.


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    그런데 Hemi-sync 음악을 들으면서 병행하면 좋지 않을까 생각했습니다. 그런데 좌측과 우측 hz를 어떻게 하는게 최선일지도 모르겠고 많은 고민끝에 그냥 528hz를 들으면서 하고 있습니다. 왜냐면 기적의 주파수라고 하니까 단지 그이유 때문입니다.

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  4. Very pleasant to listen to – thank you 🙂 one question : how many days will be sufficient for building new connections? I understand this may very a lot from person to person – but do we talk months here? Kind regards Kim Nielsen

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