Body Scan Meditation | A Trans Xp

4:30 minute mark to go directly to Body Scan Meditation.
🧘🏻‍♀️MEDITATION W/ Mardi
Join me each week sitting on a chair, lying on the floor or in bed for guided breath work & meditation or gentle body movements w/ Restorative Yoga Pose.
For all levels.
Make sure you have blankets and pillows and whatever makes you feel comfortable, supported and safe.

🙏 My #Meditation and #Yoga Playlist ▶︎

🔸I am a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher of many disciplines.
Any readings are from my Teacher Training Manuals.

This practice does not take the place of any help needed by a professional. Please see your physician if you experience anxiety, panic disorder or depression or if you have physical challenges or injuries. Ask if a gentle Yoga or Meditation program is OK for you.


5 thoughts on “Body Scan Meditation | A Trans Xp

  1. hey mardi don't know if you will see this but I have a question and its something I have been wondering about a lot. I follow the ldbtq community and for a man I have always felt a little femanin and even at the age of 21 between to 23 I developed some female anatomy that I had no control over. I was on no medication at this time and I have never been on hormones and was totally straight and a total bible thumper. God the whole religion thing I practically lived ate spoke and breathed the bible as I had been taught in church. and that it had been thrust down my throat and at the age of 36 last year I came out of the closet and its been a gradual kind of "process" but what ever. How do you ask a person if they are or well… I guess born different than they are now? One lady I just straight up asked trough in a text message and now I can see that that was pretty stupid. I guess I'm open to all people male female both neither in between what ever. Its the person that you are with. One thing that I find very funny is that in Buddhist circles you don't hear about little children being raped like in catholic circles. Or buddihst monks and them doin what catholic monks do. Basically how do you go about asking a person what their preference sexually is? I hope to hear either from the owner of this channel but I am wiling to hear from other commentors

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