Bob Ross – One Hour Special – The Grandeur of Summer

Bob Ross, the host of television’s favorite art show The Joy of Painting, paints one painting – Grandeur of Summer – with complete instructions for you to follow in this exclusive 60 minute video. Bob goes into the entire ”how to” details for each painting providing you with excellent reference tools for your home studio. This episode was never seen on television!

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45 thoughts on “Bob Ross – One Hour Special – The Grandeur of Summer

  1. Bob Ross: *takes black colour and tries to create mountain
    Me: Oh my god what the f is he do-
    Bob Ross: Here
    Beautifull Mountain:Wassup yall
    I am actually surprised to see a beautiful way to create such a happy art

  2. During his life he was told about how ppl watch him for ASMR n although he didn't do it on purpose AND was ex military he LOVED that ppl were relaxing alongside him n that's how he learned of the whole Bob n ASMR connection for himself help.

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