Blame, Guilt and Loneliness: Single Parent Struggles

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45 thoughts on “Blame, Guilt and Loneliness: Single Parent Struggles

  1. Good outlook. I wonder her stance on environmental engineering impact on children. Growing up in country vs city, lots of people vs fewer people, nature vs structures, thin oxygen vs rich thick oxygen, Geo location, seasons, activity availability, financial stance, etc etc., Interesting. Just a comment.. good for her for growing.

  2. The only person you females need to blame being single a mother is yall selfs

    Yall did that to yall selfs!! in try to put the blame of dudes that nutted in got up through on yall asses. Put the blame on yall selfs

  3. My 3 year old son and I are in crisis mode, after separating from my abusive and narcissistic ex partner (his father)..
    I am in extreme poverty, I can't afford your therapy, but I am begging for help. Please, help us.
    I'm losing my son, I'm losing myself.
    Please help us, I will do anything.

  4. Going threw some rough times being separated now for 7 months and transitioning from finally moving out of the house which I lived in with my wife. It’s been 2 weeks now living alone and having kids part time. This video really made me look at things in a different prospective more positive and looking forward to the future with great attitude and acceptance. Thank you your videos make a big difference I know at least for me it has

  5. My daughter won't speak to me. I was a secret drinker. I'm off it two yrs nearly. I don't know how to make it better. I feel absolutely helpless I know I can't force her she's angry so I try to wait it out. I dont know how to repair the damage I done. I made her feel not valued I didn't see it now I do and I hate myself for it. I haven't stopped crying for two yrs nearly. I want to repair my relationship with her. Wot advice wud u give. I'm now a Christian and things feel worse I knew it wud happen she's hurt i was to blame. I hate myself

  6. How does a parent honor the child’s feelings and preferences about spending time with a potentially manipulative parent without seeming to be “taking sides” or not being supporting of their relationship with the other parent. I have always been trying to “cheerlead” for the “other” parent because I want to seem positive and agreeable. But I don’t want to sweep my kids’ feelings under the rug.

  7. I felt like a single parent when I was married to a narcissist, with no kids even. I felt like I had twins. Crazy twins. I don't remember giving birth to an adult baby and his side kick before. I might add, the evil twin came out of left field.

    They have a fake good side too.

  8. I don't blame and I think I will never blame my ex partner. He is a wonderful person and I hope we can always stay friends. We have been separated for 3 years, but I still feel so lonely and so guilty every time I try to date! Like if as I mother I shouldn't date! How I get rid of that guilt? I am a very loving mother, and I want to let myself free of that guilt.

  9. You are so wonderful and helpful especially when you share your own path. Im struggling so hard going through my divorce and handling my 4 special needs children on my own. I feel the loneliness absorb me and its truly a terrible feeling. I fear so much of the u known and my children being shared away from me. Your videos have helped me push on and not give up. Thank you Stephanie so very much

  10. Stephanie – you are amazing! You’ve inspired me so much, I’ve been watching you videos for the past year and have changed for the better with all your advice. I was married to a narcissist for 8 years and finally made the decision to leave 9 months ago and I’m completely set free. I’m raising 2 kids on my own and friends/family/teachers have noticed how much better my kids are behaving now that the toxicity has been removed from their home. Please keep these videos coming!! ❤️👏

  11. Beautiful message and I appreciate the reminder. I am a single mom here attempting to co-parent with a narcissist. I have felt all of this but I’d rather have made the tough decision in order to show my child a better, more stable life. I take the higher road every day, it is lonely but I am making it the best of my life and overall I am very proud. Thank you for such motivating and uplifting content!

  12. Is it common in Boston to say, "Mum?" I wasn't aware of that, if so. Makes me laugh a little, given my own English Mum and getting odd looks or outright being teased relentlessly from Texan little friends when I was a kid.

  13. I seem to always get more awareness and awakening from ALL Stephanie’s videos. I have had traumatic experiences like most of us in my own journey of life. I am 31 years old and have NO kids and NOT in a relationship, but I value all of this Golden information that I am forever thankful for and honor.❤️✝️🌸💪

  14. Thanks for this video. I've been following you for a while and I always find wisdom in your words. But this time you really touched me. This will be my video to watch in those nights were the loneliness ghost comes to visit me.

  15. I’m a single mom of two boys (8 and a 5 month old), and I can honestly say that I’m in a place in which when I have alone time I don’t feel lonely. You can be alone and not feel lonely. Learn to love your own company and you will truly appreciate these moments. Like you said, I read a book, cook, run on the treadmill, watch a documentary, pour a glass of wine, whatever! Granted, I call myself an outgoing introvert lol. Thanks for another great video Stephanie!

  16. All of your videos are excellent but this one is perfect! Really hits all of the most important points. You have helped me over the last year dealing with everything you describe here. I'm grateful for you and hope to find "my calling/new career" in this next year.

  17. The loneliness I've never experienced as a single parent even though I've been a single parent for a very long time until recently. It actually made me choose a really unhealthy partner because I just got tired of being alone. After a year of that I got rid of that person. It's been difficult but I realized I have work to do to make sure that I don't do that again. When you love someone who isn't right for you and hurts you that's terrible it's worse than being lonely. It's so difficult. Everything you've said speaks to me. I spent all of these years alone not doing the work or not doing enough work I should say and that's a harsh realization. I guess there is no time like the present to start.

  18. My kids dad is a alcoholic and only comes around when its convenient for him. It really hurt me when he didnt even bother to msg his daughter for her birthday yesterday. I felt like it was my fault.

  19. Thank you for helping me get through what I’m getting through. I’m really trying to be strong mom, go to college, deal with a new diagnosis of being bipolar and get out of an abusive relationship. I’m so scared and do things alone and don’t know where to go. I can feel myself getting stronger and I thank god he finally made me find him and for encouragement from people like you that ease my chaotic mind more than you’ll ever know.

  20. My son is the covert adult narcissist that lives with me and it's been hell on earth!! Torture!! And I feel and have constantly felt self blame and been blamed from him, feel guilt, loneliness. I'm a Single parent. Got to get off this hamster wheel!! I've had a long life of domestic violence. Emotional abuse is horrible!!! Literally I Can NOT take Anymore!!!! Going forward, no turning back, even though fear of the finances has scared me the most.!! I have to go forward despite my fears!!! Any Christians out there please pray for me!!

  21. I have a partner who doesnt get on with my 16yr old we been together 6 years and his not there for me emotionally at all cant talk about my son with him and the problems as he isnt emotionally there for me and never has been (son has adhd )/so we argue frequently about him

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