Bishop Barron on Pope Francis’ “Amoris Laetitia”

In Pope Francis’ new exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia,” he wants the truths regarding marriage, sexuality, and family to be unambiguously declared. But he also wants the Church’s ministers to reach out in mercy and compassion to those who struggle to incarnate those truths in their lives. Find more videos at!


27 thoughts on “Bishop Barron on Pope Francis’ “Amoris Laetitia”

  1. Since when does reduced culpability for past sins, certainly a valid idea, justify a continuing pursuit of ignorance for planning future sins, obviously a demonic idea?  Your sophistry is a grave evil Bishop. And I doubt you can claim that this mortal sin you are probably guilty of through your heresy can be mitigated by claiming ignorance nor will you be able to claim as much at your final accounting.

  2. If you have God's grace living the ideal is always doable. There may be suffering but doable. someone may gradually come to the truth, that may be true but that does NOT mean those persons should ever be admitted to holy communion. To do so would be to damn their souls to hell and that is NOT merciful at all. I have lost all respect for you bishop. I pray that you will focus on the salvation of souls to save your own.

  3. Isn't the problem rather that people in irregular situations are seeing good in something where there is none? Part of the consequence of sin is a disordered perception of beauty.

  4. Erudite, articulate, and intelligent.

    Bishop Barron is a shining star of a person who faith and reason, intelligence and religion, criticial thought and hopeful belief come together in a perfectly complimentary manner for the whole world to gaze upon in awe.

  5. Rather teach those in adultery to live in celibacy as a means of holiness. As pope Saint John Paul ll recommended celibacy, besides SIN IS POISON, VENOM which weakens the Catholic Church weakening Her even more than otherwise.

  6. I disagree to Amoris Laetitia… It is like tolerating adultery… God is Merciful yes, but look at Noah's story… God has mercy to people, but God only saves faithful.

  7. My husband and I are looking to join the Catholic church, but my husband doesn't want his ex-wife contacted in order to annul a bad marriage that ended decades ago. And she would not want to be contacted! I don't know how we are going to be able to resolve the situation.

  8. Sorry Bishop, you are off the mark. We do not receive the Body Of Christ to heal us. We must be free of grave sin to receive the Eucharist. Christ never asked what is our situation. He said go and sin no more. Seems to me you are being very politically correct. You are just another liberal Bishop.

  9. Loop holes to Hell. Instead of making a perceived loop hole for those in this conundrum and resulting lax attitude for the young who may repeat this same mistake. Preach what Jesus did and teach people of the seriousness of entering into marriage. The church in my opinion is more interested in quantity rather than quality especially when it comes to money and is afraid to drive away people. The problem is they are creating false growth just as a tech company may create false growth and eventually the house will come crashing down. It would be better for them to do as a prudent company would do and start downsizing now rather than crashing. Start preaching from the pulpit rather than skirting issues and making people think it's ok to be in a homosexual relationship or whatever. It is very sad that Bishops such as Burke are the exception. I feel that sadly it will come crashing down and all the Bishops who kept silent or worse will have to answer and all the faithful who were marginalized or even persecuted will receive great consolation and reward. Good news is the all will be made right. Stand firm.

  10. The last battle will be over the family. Sisre Lucia, seer of Fatima. You are on wrong she bishop, and a terrible punishment awaits those that attack the family. Read clear words of Jesus,2000 yes of Catholic teaching. And buck your superiors on this outrage. You are staring at hell

  11. Message to my children, all kids. Spurn heresy of pope Francis, bishop Barron. It is wrong to get divorced and remarried. Stick w clear words of Jesus, who is VERY BLUNT in his words.

  12. The Modernist Progressive Catholics accuse Orthodox Catholics of being rigid. Consider that most folks have enough sense to respect quietude when entering a secular public library so that people can read but somehow to expect quietude in the sanctuary so that people can pray makes you not welcome. Yes it is reasonable to expect quietude in the sanctuary so people can pray. I believe that there is a clandestine movement to rid the Church of piety under the guise being more progressive. It comes out in little things like not respecting quietude in the sanctuary and in big things like footnote 351 misleading many to sacrilegiously receiving Holy Communion. Consider the life of a Catholic in England during Henry the Eighth. Many of them were turned over to martyrdom by their fellow Catholic or even their priest or Bishop.

  13. This pope is an utter failure. He's expected to be mocked and almost hatred by society for stating the truth..the same way jesus was. It's for our own and societies good and is, if followed, the solution to bring long lasting peace, and most importantly save our souls. He's weak, causing confusion and disunity with Catholics. Go cardinal Burke!!

  14. Bishop, I am a divorced woman who has remained celibate according to the truth. I give you my testimony now. I would not trade the peace, blessings, growth, love and Jesus Christs loving help and mercy given to me for anything. I have read many of the saints and I have never found any who were able to attain a closer relationship with God thanthose who abide in the TRUTH. No TRUTH no salvation as a Bishop you well know. You can smudge the lines but you will also be accountable as will all who receive the Body and Blood unworthy. This is actually not extreme it is not hard it just takes the step of repentance in love and reverence to Jesus. He is THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. He gives what each needs to get this job done. He will help us. I rely on Him and I pray that others put their personal issues aside and ask Jesus directly because our priests and Bishops are great talkers, Not great walkers.

  15. Very lovely articulation that AVIODS the actual implications and concerns of sin and the outcome of sin when it is fully grown as it has now in our society! it is never merciful or loving or kind or just to help someone to hell. Never.

  16. [Quote] “In Pope Francis' new exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia,” he wants the truths
    regarding marriage, sexuality, and family to be unambiguously declared.
    But he also wants the Church’s ministers to reach out in mercy and
    compassion to those who struggle to incarnate those truths in their
    lives“ [unquote]
    Yes that sure sounds very nice and compassionate but here is the real problem regarding this matter, those already living in a sinful relationship are NOT going to accept that which the church always taught about Adultery and Fornication are they? what they want is carte blanche to continue living in sin with no-one especially the church telling them otherwise.
    Does the Pope seriously think that folks are going to separate themselves from a sinful situation just because Fr.A tells them it`s wrong? No! human nature being what it is they will continue to ignore church teaching on Adultery as they have continued to do in blissful abandon while the excuse that is offered being that they have had children from such a union. So innocent Children can be the excuse to legitimize what is a daily state of mortal sin. Oh the church of `NICE` actually says it cares about these poor souls do they? well how about telling them about the real dangers to their souls, but of course modernism does not have a strong arm but only a limp wrist approach to eternal salvation nowadays!!

  17. I think the Pope is using the Mercy & Compassion for his plans on the changes some of the Roman Catholic teachings. To Bishop Barron I will pray for you that the Holy Spirit will guide you in this time of confusion as you have responsibility in leading the flocks of Jesus Christ into the light and not into a rough road.

  18. Sorry Bishop Barron, chapter 8 is a slow deconstruction of the institution of marriage.
    There is no gradualness or extenuating circumstances regarding mortal sin.

  19. Can someone please explain to me why someone living in mortal sin and unwilling to repent is permitted to receive the Holy Eucharist? I can't quite understand that.

  20. your so right. francis isn't changing anything hes just teaching the same as Christ which is its not his job to in flict judgment upon men that is the job of god almighty

  21. Sister Lucia dos Santos seer of Fatima said the final battle between Satan and Our Lady would be over family. This is what we have been seeing. Prepare for a great punishment, for we Catholics are lukewarm and we no longer love the Church. The Church is in shambles, Jesus Christ abandon in the tabernacles. People go to church like they are going to the movies. The Priest and Bishops have become life coaches telling you how to thrive and be happy in this world and not talk about sin.

    I'm so sad that so many priests are going to hell. How can you face Jesus Christ when he asks the priest how many Sundays did you speak of sin? Hell? Purgatory? My Justice? My mothers Fatima apparition to do the 5 month devotion? Pray the Rosary?

    We must pray hard and I mean very hard for Our priests. They need help, they are mislead. The Vatican is has been hijacked by Freemasons. We must pray the Rosary and make much sacrifice.

  22. Just as the Church assumes all marriages are valid, doesn't the Church assume that all invalid marriages involve adultery?  Jesus was VERY clear that remarried couples are COMMITTING ADULTERY.  He didn't fart around with it like Francis is!!!

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