Big Think is evolving. Learn habits of mind from the world’s greatest thinkers. | Peter Hopkins

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At Big Think, we capture the thoughts of the world’s most brilliant thinkers.

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Peter Hopkins is the co-founder and president of Big Think, the knowledge company that makes people and companies smarter, faster through efficient e-learning from world-renowned experts.
As president, Hopkins sets the vision for Big Think’s content strategy that enables the world’s top visionaries to share big ideas shaping the 21st century at and offer their e-wisdom needed for a competitive edge in the knowledge economy.

Peter directs the company’s individual and corporate e-learning solutions, including Edge, which helps Fortune 100 companies attract, develop and retain top talent at all levels.

Prior to founding Big Think along with fellow Harvard alum Victoria Brown, Hopkins was a Producer for the “Charlie Rose” show on PBS, where he oversaw the American politics segments and collaborated with Google to make the show’s entire back catalogue of episodes available online.

An entrepreneur and expert on e-learning, Hopkins has made appearances on NPR, CNN, and “The Colbert Report.” He is a cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University, where he received a BA Political Economy and was an editor and member of the Executive Board at The Crimson.

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33 thoughts on “Big Think is evolving. Learn habits of mind from the world’s greatest thinkers. | Peter Hopkins

  1. Left or right leaning is fine, but when every third video has someone spouting the ideals of Karl Marx… I'd say you fail at what you are trying to accomplish here.

  2. i've been a long time youtube subscriber, and its nice to see the founders of big think appear finally. will youtube videos continue to be output? how will edge differ?

  3. The Edge I've known about for like fifteen to twenty years is this one: Too bad they chose the same name.To arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves. (this Edge doesn't have anything to do with companies, afaik)

  4. 5:01 of abstract bullshit. "No one does this better than Big Think" was a bullshit sales pitch. Quite a few of your speakers have said things that were not concretely true in a few were more heavily biased than insightful.

  5. Maybe until you can define success, you shouldn't go about trying to create it? The very idea that success is a personal en-devour is delusional. It takes a village and an OBSCENE amount of luck to achieve anything. So stop tooting your own horn for a few minutes and evaluate your delusions. That is what a truly brilliant thinker would do.

  6. First, a lesson on how to think is being proposed to supposedly help people who are deficient in it. But who exactly measured that? How? Comparing people in what? And to what degree are they acceptable?

    They won't listen to what you want to add.. they just want you to listen to what they say and do what you are told..

    Think for yourself.. Nice one!

  7. Big think is great at bringing in great thinkers and letting them show how wrong they can be. Way too many times I hear a speaker on here with 3-4 great points followed by statements that leave me wondering how such a person who can get it on a few points can also be so ignorant on a connected issue.

  8. We need to hear much more from the world's scientists. They are notoriously patchy communicators but what they could contribute could be world changing. The general population has almost zero scientific education – hence anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, demanding antibiotics for a cold etc. I wish the scientists would get bold and confident and YELL what they know (nicely, of course!).

  9. I agree that there's a need for this kind of content something on the unbiased scientific educational side but Big think in not to only one and they have been putting some weird video with some questionable people. I like Michelle T

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