Benefits Of Reading

Why is it that 75% of self-made millionaires report reading at least 2 books a month? The benefits of reading may be the cause of massive success for thousands of people.

Reading is like taking a supplement for your mind
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43 thoughts on “Benefits Of Reading

  1. When I read a book a week I find myself going in circles… it takes time to master a book. Pick 5 books and read them in a cycle for 5 months and I think it'll work better

  2. So true! But I believe there are even more benefits of reading than learning or inspiration. There are health benefits such as protecting your brain from dementia or helping release stress.

  3. My college professor lamented to me that, most of his students haven't read a book in years, a few even have never read one in their lives. So just two books a month? Goodness.. I mean, I buy at least two books a week, and read even more. And I am not some kind of genius, I just can not stand television any longer, nor video games, nor the ridiculous media. I just wanted an escape from all that. You mean to tell me I am going to be a millionaire? Lets hope. Hah.

  4. it is kinda sad that we live in a world where we need to make youtube videos to motivate people to read. but i make similar videos and people are actually thankful for my book summaries! so i guess that is the way to go then 😉

  5. This is not really a celebration of reading so much as it is of selecting what kind of media you consume. all created media contains the essence of the person or persons who made it after all.

  6. I think people should read more books because when u read a fiction book, ur not u! Ur the character!!! That's when u learn everybody is different, ur characters enemy? Ur enemy, ur like in a whole new world!

  7. I've never seen the appeal in reading anything other than historical text/war memoirs. At all; i've never been able to just walk into a library or bookstore, choose a book, and go.

  8. How do i know if the author is sane or not ? Some books might cause harm if spreading false assumtions. Develop a screening technique / critical thinking must be cruical in this case .

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