Bedtime Yoga Sequence

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A relaxing routine for the mind and body! This yoga sequence is designed to prepare you for a good night’s sleep creating space in the body as we cue the mind that its time to calm down and get ready for rest. This also is a great practice to do anytime of day if you are looking for Yoga to relieve stress. Yoga With Adriene’s relaxing evening sequence will prepare you for a good nights sleep. Get comfortable my friends! Calm your mind and soothe your sweet soul so you can get the beauty sleep and rest you desire & deserve!!!
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Intro music by Shakey Graves


41 thoughts on “Bedtime Yoga Sequence

  1. Adriene! I am so happy that you never changed! From the first till the last video! You are amazing 🙂 you make me laugh when I most needed and help with many other things 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your videos it is really helping with my anxiety 🙂 thank you for making this accessible to beginners and those with limited flexibility like myself!

  3. You are so awesome!
    Because of you I am obsessed with yoga and you. In a good way don't worry not a crazy one here😂😂
    You should do tours travel to main cities so we can take classes with you live.
    I bet you can make good money

  4. This was my first video and can't wait to try out other practises. I feel ready for bed. My body actually saying it's bedtime. This is a feeling I have lost for many years. Thankyou so much for this video

  5. I Love you so much Happy Baby or Happy Buda ,Yummy Adriene you're my favorite favorite girl ever.I appreciate you not talking about your rack during bedtime yoga ,ha ha You're the best best.

  6. it went much faster than I thought. Like those 36 minutes took 15. It's magic! Or sth. But hey, whats the BGM? It's really relaxing and somewhat it reminds me of Solar Fields, but thats surely not it. Can anyone tell me if you know whats this music? Gnight!

  7. this hurt like hell damn. I am most definitely not flexibly fit for yoga lol.Were you always this flexible or did you have to work towards this? How can I become suitable for this yoga position?

  8. Omg guurrlll! Still love this! So much so, that I'm sad I'm not able to listen to all of your new jokes, because while I've seen the relaxation, stress relief, 20 min bed time, and the under 10 min videos, I have the worst time trying to sleep. I'm getting a little jelly seeing all these new videos that I don't watch because I'm usually trying to go to sleep with you. However, in the last two years, I'm almost normal because of you! ❤ all day, err day! But boo, can I please please get another relaxation and bed time session. Like 30+ min. If not, I still love you and will continue to laugh at these jokes! Thanks for everything, for real. You don't even know!

  9. I think it's the frist time when you're voice made me angry, i don't know, it was just too much talking when i wanted to just rest with this video. But that's okay, i thing i'll just stay with "20 minute bedtime yoga" which i really love. Namaste and goodnight <3

  10. 18:20 "Take a second to begin your vocabulary."
    Collaborative Frame
    Nonjudgmental Frame

    Know when you're at rest and when you're active.

    Motherfucking kill it brah.

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